November 16 2012

Man accused of sexually assaulting foreign students

by FOX5 Web Staff  San Diego

November 14, 2012

Teacher arrested after husband caught her having sex with 16-year-old exchange student in parking lot

Sponsor:  Community Christian Academy

CSFES Note:  It has been reported this student was originally living with another host family; allegedly Amie Neely, 38,  sought him, and this is how he ended up living in the Neely residence.

For those of you who have contacted CSFES expressing concern about the safety and welfare of the other exchange student who living the in Neely residence, the Florida Department of Child and Family Services has been contacted.

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Master Sergeant Frank Sabol at the Port St. Lucie Police Department:  Tel:  772-871-5000.

November 14, 2012

The Hershey Co.: Student-worker protesters to get back pay

Student Exchange Agency:  Council for Educational Travel, USA (CETUSA)

November 14, 2012

Companies pay $350,000 in Exel foreign worker settlement

By Jim T. Ryan, Central Penn Business

Student Exchange Agency:  Council for Educational Travel, USA (CETUSA)

October 14, 2012

Beaverton man to pay $100,000 in sex abuse case settlement

Student Exchange Agency:  Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE)

September 28, 2012

Multnomah County jury learns Pacific Intercultural Exchange host father possessed adult gay porn

By Wendy Owen, The Oregonian

Student Exchange Agency:  Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE)

September 28, 2012

Student exchange sponsor faced complaints from inadequate background checks to sex abuse

By Associated Press

Student Exchange Agency:  Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE)

September 25, 2012

Pacific Intercultural Exchange knew about Beaverton host father's past felony

By Wendy Owen, The Oregonian 

Student Exchange Agency:  Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE)

September 25, 2012

Multnomah County lawsuit involving former Beaverton foreign exchange student and Pacific Intercultural Exchange begins

By Wendy Owen, The Oregonian

Student Exchange Agency:  Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE)

September 24, 2012

Ore. exchange program sued in abuse case

By Jeff Thompson, Staff

Student Exchange Agency:  Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE)

September 18, 2012

Dad Accused of Taking Nude Photos of Exchange Student


Student Exchange Agency:  Program of Academic Exchange (PAX)

Note:  CSFES commends the Arlington Police Department for continuing its investigation.

As per the article, this student from Germany was hosted at a house on the 2800 Block of N. Beechwood Circle in the Donaldson Run area.

Former exchange students hosted in this residence may contact Detective Jim Stone of the Arlington Police Department:  Email:    Tel.  703.228.4245. 

You may also contact the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students:  Email:    Tel.  760.583.9593. 

September 7, 2012

State Department suspends student exchange organization in the wake of Rock Center report 

by Anna Schecter
Rock Center

Student Exchange Agency:  Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE)

August 30, 2012

Hyungwoo Lee's House of Horror in San Ramon, CA

Dublin and San Ramon are about to become the focus of an international child abuse scandal.

by Around Dublin Team

August 30, 2012

San Ramon man arrested on suspicion of beating of foreign exchange student with a stick

by Erin Ivie  Contra Costa Times

August 7, 2012

Southside school denies former student-athletes' abuse claims

By Jon Burkett and Bill Fitzgerald

August 3, 2012

Pen Argyl tutor sentenced for sexual assault Korean exchange student

By Riley Yates, Of The Morning Call

July 24,  2012

Man on probation after pleading guilty to assault on exchange students

The case involves Brian Wilson, 49, of Lee's Summit, two teenage foreign exchange students


Article reads, "Lingre would eventually inform Sally Wooten, volunteer director for Youth for Understanding USA, of Wilson's behavior, but Wooten, according to court documents, told Lingre that she and Wilson were good friends, that she had known Wilson for a long time and that she didn't believe Wilson would do such a thing.  Wooten could not be reached for comment."

Student Exchange Agency:  Youth for Understanding (YFU USA)

May 27, 2012

University World News
Exchange programme rife with abuse, say critics by Alison Moodie  Issue 223 

May 6, 2012

Consultant:  Missoula leaders must 'take charge' of image  by Gwen Florio of the Missoulian

Ricks returns to Md. to face sex abuse charges   by Josh White, The Washington Post

April 13, 2012

From "Famously Cold" to "Famously Hot" by Pam Staples, Columbia Star

Article reads, "Bryn says that since there were last minute changes in her scheduled destination, she and other students who were in the same predicament had long waits, missed a few meals, and were given tags that read, "Syracuse" like a luggage tag.  An AFS official came by, marked through her Syracuse label, and changed it to Columbia.  She felt a little like she was in the lost luggage department at an airport."  

It is a concern to CSFES how frequently some placement agencies accept more students than there are host families available.  You may be told that "plans fell through" or there was a change in the host family "at the last minute," etc.  These are potential warning signs; please read tips for Parents on our website to learn more.

Student Exchange Agency:  AFS-USA
March 4, 2012 
Exchange Agencies Must Not Take Student's Cell Phones or Laptops   by Danielle Grijalva

Child Advocacy Group Exposes Truth Behind Confiscating Student's Belongings

February 3, 2012 
Full refund offered to students to withdraw from U.S. job program
by Hsu Chih-wei and Maia Huang  FOCUS TAIWAN NEWS CHANNEL

February 2, 2012
State Department does the right thing, kicks abusive labor recruiter out of student visa program

By  Ross Eisenbrey and Daniel Costa |  
Economic Policy Institute - Research and Ideas for Shared Prosperity

January 14, 2012 
An American Nightmare:
Norwegian Exchange Students to the United States Risks Being Placed in Host Families Who Can Barely Take Care of Themselves

By Elisabeth Randsborg, Aftenposten

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Student Exchange Agencies:  EF High School Year and Council for Educational Travel, USA  

January 20, 2012
David Radtke Sentenced To Jail Time
By Molly Miles, Reporter - KECY TV 

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Article reads, "The victim and her family watched the sentencing via web cam from Madrid, Spain."

Student Exchange Agency:  EF Foundation

CSFES Update:  It has been reported that David and Diane Radtke have allegedly hosted up to five female exchange students.  If you have been previously hosted as an exchange student by Mr. and Mrs. Radtke and would like to report any concerns, please contact:

Donald E. Lannoye, Assistant Sibley County Attorney:    

Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students (CSFES):  

Thank you for your bravery.

NEWS 2009
Former teacher denies civil lawsuit allegations
Ex-Buhler instructor convicted of molesting teen requesting jury trial
by Darcy Gray - The Hutchinson news -
December 9, 2009
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Student Exchange Agency:  Face the World (FTW)
Exchange Students Horror Stories
By Jaclyn Schultz, FOX 25 KOKH-TV Oklahoma City 
November 24, 2009
Exchange Students Horror Stories
Student placement agencies:  International Student Exchange (ISE) and Organization for Cultural Exchange Among Nations (OCEAN)

Changes recommended for foreign-exchange programs after Scranton scandalBY SARAH HOFIUS HALL (STAFF WRITER)
Published: October 23, 2009

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Student Placement Agency:  ASPECT Foundation
Criminal checks on school exchanges: Now families hosting foreign pupils face anti-paedophile vetting
By Laura Clark, Associated Newspapers Limited
October 20, 2009

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Foreign exchange student sues host family, AFS over snowboarding accident
by Stephen Beaven, The OregonianTuesday September 15, 2009

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Student Placement Agency:  AFS
U.S. state department seeks stronger regulation on exchange-student host families
By Michael Matza, September 03, 2009
The Philadelphia Inquirer (MCT)
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Foreign exchange students becoming target for abuse, critics say
Naples resident accused of fondling Ukranian teen
By ELYSA BATISTA, August 15, 2009
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Student Exchange Agency:  Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE)

Suit names agency, former teacher convicted in sex case, August 12, 2009
By Darcy Gray - The Hutchinson News - dgray@hutchnews.comClick for Full Story
Student Exchange Agency:  Face the World 
How did accused child molester get an exchange student in his house
By Renee Stoll, Reporter Fox 4 News, August 12, 2009 
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A fear for parents:   Poorly run student travel  programs
By M   Hendricks, August 11, 2009
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Student Placement Agency:
People To People Leaders Allegedly Drank Beer While Student Was DyingAllegations made by family of deceased student Tyler Hill
By Lisa Wade McCormick,,  August 7, 2009
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Calif. mom exposes abuses of exchange studentsBy MICHAEL RUBINKAM, Associated Press Writer Michael Rubinkam, Associated Press Writer – Thu Jul 30, 1:46 pm ET

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Intercambio en Estados Unidos: ¿Lo más cercano al infierno?
PUBLICADO: 16 de julio de 2009, a las 12:11 pm (centro)

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American Teens Go Missing on People to People Trips

Parents outraged at mishaps; company disclaims responsibility

By Lisa Wade McCormick

July 27, 2009

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Pa. woman charged in exchange-student scandal
By MICHAEL RUBINKAM (AP) – July 22, 2009
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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation
Woman Wanted for Putting Students in Danger
By Peggy Lee, July 22, 2009, The News Station 16 WNEP
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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation

Exchange student neglect happened a decade ago, host parent saysBY SARAH HOFIUS HALL (STAFF WRITER)
Published: July 19, 2009, The Times Tribune
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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation

Federal  agents investigate Burger King's treatment of foreign students
Leslie Stratmoen KVOW/KTAK News Director

July 16, 2009

This is the toilet and shower area the foreign student workers said was in the house provided by Burger King. 

The evicted student workers sat down in their neighbor’s yard Tuesday to talk about their plight. Students seated, from left, in front of the one-room building where they were housed, are Yusif Muslumov, Ali Karamik, Gansukh “Tommy” Sambuu, Roman Protsiv, their neighbor Donna Michel and Battur “Sam” Munh-Erdene. 

RIVERTON, Wyo. – Federal agents from the Department of Immigrations are expected to arrive in Riverton today to investigate a possible indentured service case involving foreign students. Five university students working in the states through an exchange program said they were fired from the local Burger King and evicted from squalid living quarters provided by the company after they complained about the conditions.

They described the 15x15-foot house as a boiler room prison, because the windows wouldn’t open, bunkbeds with air mattresses were the beds, a hot-plate on a counter sufficed for a kitchen stove and the toilet and shower stall were unsanitary due to corrosion.

Riverton police, who executed the eviction notice over the weekend, were appalled at the conditions found and reported the situation to immigrations and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Local Burger King management has refused comment and corporate officials in Florida say they were unaware of the situation. The students were matched with the local Burger King through the work/travel programs of Worldwide International Student Exchange (WISE) and Aspire Worldwide. They paid $3,500 to $5,000 each to participate, and were told adequate housing would be provided at an affordable fee.

They said rent for the house was $1,800 a month, paid to Burger King District Manager Peggy Handran. Her phone number listed on the work agreement is no longer in service.

The university students are all men, ages 18-21, coming from Turkey, Mongolia, Azerbaijan and the Ukraine. They have found temporary sanctuary with a neighbor, Donna Michel.

“No one should be treated this way,” she said. “These boys have the right to be treated with respect and to go home with a positive experience. I want them to feel good about America.”

The students are grateful she stepped in to help.

“We very much appreciate our Grandma Donna,” said 20-year-old Sam from Mongolia, otherwise known as Battur Munh-Erdene, especially after what they’ve been through.

The students said they managed for about a month in the house provided by Burger King and making the one-and-half-mile trek on a major highway through town on foot or by a bicycle purchased in America. At this point, four of the students would like to stay in Riverton, but need jobs immediately, along with housing. Only one more job is needed because Riverton police have already secured three.

Anyone who would like to help can call the police station. That number is  307-856-4891 . Details on this story continue to unfold. We’ll keep you posted as they come into the newsroom.


The community has rallied to help the displaced students by dropping off food, personal hygiene products and money. At this point, Riverton police are working with them to make contact with WISE and Aspire company officials. The students claim they tried to call the emergency line provided by WISE, but were hung up on. A call to the same number Wednesday from the KVOW/KTAK newsroom was picked up by a receptionist. She said the company spokesman was WISE Vice-President Todd Buchala who was unavailable for comment because he was out of the office, but guaranteed a return call. No such call had been received by this afternoon. Only one of the boys is with Aspire. That company has not yet been contacted.

Burger King corporate out of Florida released a statement Wednesday saying the company had been notified about the investigation and is working with authorities. The corporation listed the Riverton franchisee as WY is H-3, LLC, and stated it’s independently owned and operated. Corporate heads said in the release that franchise owners had contacted headquarters to say they participate in a work/travel exchange program with agencies such as WISE, Aspire and the Alliance Abroad Group.

Burger King corporate stated it does not participate in work/travel programs, but explained that the agencies work with the federal government to secure J-1 visas for the students and they are paid U.S. wages, with the understanding that host companies will provide access to affordable housing and transportation.


It’s been a difficult month for the students. Daily existence has been a trial. Yes, their air mattresses were off the floor, but the air kept seeping out, said 19-year-old Roman Protsiv of the Ukraine. The place was hot, he said, because the bunk beds could only be placed in front of the swamp cooler, which cut off the cool air. Daily temperatures in Riverton throughout the past month have reached the 90s. The provided table was about the size of a card table. This furnished space came to them at a price of $350 a month, a piece.

The living conditions were a far cry from what they came from in their home countries of the Ukraine, Turkey, Mongolia and Azerbaijan. Their parents work in a variety of fields, they said. One is a surgeon, another a teacher, and others work in the construction and fishing industries.

Protsiv said his parents are musicians, and he has not told them what happened, because they would be “too upset.”

His journey to Riverton started by plane in Kyiv, then to London, Chicago and Denver before ending in Riverton. Upon arrival, he was picked up by the manager of Burger King, he said, and brought to the house on East Adams.

“It’s been a hard time,” he said, “but what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?”

Eighteen-year-old Yusif Muslumov of Azerbaijan said he knew the situation was “not good” from his first day in Riverton. He decided he would live there but didn’t want to pay “such big money.”

He said he was threatened by Burger King managers when he voiced complaints, and that when they were told to leave they were given 12 hours to do so.

That’s when their next door neighbor became involved and offered refuge.

“We’d become friends,” she said, “visiting across the fence.”

The students moved in Sunday afternoon. Along with Protsiv, Muslumov and Munh-Erdene came 21-year-old Ali Karamik of Turkey and 19-year-old Gansukh “Tommy” Sambuu, also of Mongolia.

Michel said the house “isn’t fancy, but there’s plenty of room -- two bedrooms up and two down and a pullout couch.”

And, caring for “the boys” as she calls them, is nothing new. She and her husband raised three boys of their own, all who are grown and married now. Her husband is no longer with her. He died within the past couple of years.

More help comes each day as word gets out.

“The community is overwhelmed and appalled at the situation,” said Michel. “They have been very supportive.”

The one student who wants to go home to Mongolia is Sambuu. He’s been dealing with a medical condition that the students are convinced was brought on by poor living conditions.

The four who plan to stay said they are good workers and just want to learn more about Americans and “better English.”

“It’s been an expensive lesson,” said Protsiv, “but maybe in the future it will help us. We don’t want the next group of students to have problems such as these.”

Student Exchange Agency: 

Worldwide International Student Exchange (WISE) and Aspire Worldwide 


WCCO NEWS RADIO 830 --  Minneapolis, July 16, 2009 

Don Shelby talked with Minnesota Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbmann
Student Exchange Agency:  Council for Educational Travel USA (CETUSA)  

Exchange student neglect leads to calls for reform

July 16, 2009

By MICHAEL RUBINKAM,  Associated Press Writer

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Exchange students live American nightmare

July 15, 2009

by Drew Griffin and Kathleen Johnston
CNN Special Investigations Unit

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Father of two faces porn chargesBy Brad Woodard / 11 News

"In addition to having their own children, the district attorney's office says the Tomerlins have hosted as many as five foreign exchange students over the last couple of years from countries like Germany and Russia.  All of the students were 16 or younger."

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Coquille man pleads guilty to sex abuseBy Jolene Guzman, Staff Writer - Serving Oregon's South Coast The World
Saturday, June 20, 2009
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Student Exchange Agency: AYUSA Global Youth Exchange

Coquille businessman sent to jail for Sex Abuse chargeStory Published: Jun 19, 2009, By Tim NovotnyClick for full story

Student Exchange Agency: AYUSA Global Youth Exchange 

Youth coach accused of sodomy, molestation Fairfax County
By Gregg MacDonald
Source: Fairfax County Times
TUESDAY, JUNE 16 2009 
Youth coach accused of sodomy, molestation

A youth baseball coach who has been a fixture in Northern Virginia for nearly 20 years has been charged with molesting children in incidents going back nearly to the beginning of his coaching career.A youth baseball coach who has been a fixture in Northern Virginia for nearly 20 years has been charged with molesting children in incidents going back nearly to the beginning of his coaching career.

 On Friday, June 5, shortly after 10 a.m., detectives charged John E. Hamilton, 37, of Centreville, with two counts of sodomy in connection with an ongoing investigation that has uncovered a growing number of alleged sex-related offenses, at least one dating back nearly 17 years.  

 The most recent charges of sodomy stem from allegations made by two victims – now adults -- who have come forward. One is now 19 years old and the other  is 28. Additional charges have also been filed by another alleged victim. “They have just come forward, one by one,” said Fairfax County Police spokesman Don Gotthardt. 

In the case of the 19-year-old, the incidents allegedly occurred from October through December of 2001, when the alleged victim was only 12. The 28-year-old alleges that  offenses took place from December 1992 until April of 1993, when he too was 12.  Both victims lived in the Hollin Hall area of Alexandria at that time.

According to police, Hamilton coached both young men.

 Hamilton has lived in the Northern Virginia area for decades. During that time, he has held several positions in the athletic community working with children.  

According to the Catholic Diocese of Arlington,  Hamilton was a baseball coach at Bishop Ireton High School in 1999.     The diocese said it was made aware of Hamilton's charges by police. We notified the players from that year and we have put a notice in our bulletin," said Joelle Santolla, director of communications for the diocese. No one there has yet come forth.      

Police say that Hamilton's charges do not reflect all of the allegations or all of the potential victims in this case. “Detectives understand that victims may fear coming forward for various reasons, but want to encourage them to do so in order to bring this investigation to a comprehensive, successful conclusion as soon as possible,” police said in a release.    

An investigation was originally launched in late February of this year, when a 24-year-old man came forth with allegations more than a decade after being coached by Hamilton. Detectives from the Child Investigations Unit, assisted by agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, conducted the investigation that led to Hamilton's arrest. 

According to the 24-year-old, who was also 12 at the time of the alleged offense, Hamilton engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with him periodically, from March through July of 1997.  

One incident allegedly occurred in the parking lot of Carl Sandburg Middle School.  Another allegedly took place at Hamilton's home at that time, in the 6600 block of Wakefield Drive in the Belle View area.Hamilton was a Little League baseball coach for the Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association at that time.

During the investigation, detectives learned that Hamilton had a 16-year-old foreign exchange student living with him at the time of his arrest. That student has since been removed from the home by authorities.  

Hamilton was arrested at his home on Friday, May 22, shortly before 10 a.m. He was transported to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center and charged with one count of aggravated sexual battery and three counts of taking indecent liberties with a child by a person in custodial or supervisory relationship. He is being held without bond. The sodomy charges were added June 5.

Detectives are asking any concerned parents to call police if they think their children have ever had contact with Hamilton. The investigation continues.  Hamilton remains incarcerated at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center.  

Student Exchange Agency:  American International Student Exchange (AISE)
Neb. woman pleads to stealing from students
Associated Press - June 9, 2009 
Click for full storyStudent Exchange Agency:   STS Foundation
Stealing from exchange students to cost Neb. woman 
The Associated Press - June 9, 2009

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Student Exchange Agency:   STS Foundation

Exchange student scandal spurs calls for reformsBY SARAH HOFIUS HALL (STAFF WRITER)
Published: June 7, 2009, The Times Tribune 
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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation


AG seeks info from exchange students in neglect caseBY SARAH HOFIUS HALL (STAFF WRITER)
Published: June 3, 2009

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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation


Exchange student finds fierce defense in host mother 
Richard Tsong-Taatarii, Star Tribune, June 3, 2009Click for full story

Student  Exchange  Agency:  American Field Service (AFS)

Woman admits to sex with exchange studentBy Shawn McGrath, The Herald Bulletin
June 02, 2009 

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Student Exchange Agency:  International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES)

Welcome to America (Please Ignore the Dog Shit): S.F.-Based Foreign Exchange Student Organization Ensnared in Housing ScandalBy Anna McCarthy in Law & Order, Local News
Tuesday, Jun. 2 2009

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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation

Local neglect allegations open door to a world where students are shuffled from home to home
BY SARAH HOFIUS HALL (STAFF WRITER)   The Scranton Times Tribune
Published: May 31, 2009

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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation

U.S. State Department to investigate local exchange student treatment

May 30, 2009

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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation

Grand jury investigates neglect claims from exchange students 

Foreign exchange students appeared one by one before a grand jury at the Lackawanna County Courthouse on Thursday, as they told their stories of alleged neglect and financial exploitation. 

BY SARAH HOFIUS HALL, The Citizens Voice
Friday, May 29, 2009

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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation

Treatment of Foreign Exchange Students InvestigatedBy Jennifer Borrasso
May 28, 2009
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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation


Host families probed after reports of student neglectBY SARAH HOFIUS HALL (STAFF WRITER) 
Published: May 27, 2009

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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation

Fairfax County coach accused of child sex abuse
by:  FREEMAN KLOPOTT, May 26, 2009, Examiner Staff Writer

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Student Exchange Agency:  American International Student Exchange (AISE)

CSFES NOTE:      June 8, 2009

John E. Hamilton has recently hosted an exchange student.      

If you are a former exchange student who lived with John E. Hamilton, you are encouraged to contact Detective Jeremy Hinson at  703-246-7893  or email:

You are welcome to email a copy to the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange   Requests to remain anonymous will be respected.  

Exchange program reports abuse
By Jolene Guzman Staff Writer
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Student Exchange Agency:  AYUSA Global Youth Exchange 

Editorial: More regulation needed for exchange programs

The Herald Bulletin
May 20, 2009

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Student Exchange Agency:  International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES)
When a foreign exchange year goes bad

A foreign exchange student's complaints over living conditions he encountered with a local host family is prompting a state investigation

by  AIMEE BLANCHETTE, Star Tribune, May 17, 2009

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Student Exchange Agency:  Council for Educational Travel USA (CETUSA)  

Foreign Exchange Student Housing Investigation Continues
Thursday, May 14, 2009 @04:23pm

SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY- The investigation into how foreign exchange students were handled in our area is getting deeper. It was prompted in part by the I-Team. The case involves 12 students who came to the United States for a taste of American life. But there are allegations some of them may have been mistreated.

This started off focusing on living conditions, now the I-Team has confirmed, the case is looking into possible abuse. This is a fast moving investigation, which now involves local, state and federal agencies.

The I-Team first showed you the inside of this house on Myrtle Street in Scranton on Tuesday. It is owned by Edna Burgett who finds temporary homes for foreign exchange students. The 15 year old Nigerian girl who lived here refused to go back. Burgett wanted to show us there was no problem. But we found dog feces all over the home.

Burgett was the area coordinator for a company called the aspect foundation based in California. She has since been fired but many of the students she placed are now coming forward with stories of neglect.
Not only is the DA’s office involved so is Lackawanna County Children and Youth Services, and the US State Department, which oversees foreign students.

Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation
People to People Uses Dead Student's Name as Recruiting Tool

Promise to remove Tayler Hill's name from database goes unfilledBy Lisa Wade McCormick
Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

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Student Exchange Agency:   People to People International 

I-Team: Exchange Students Forced into Filth - Part 2 
Reported by: Andy Mehalshick,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 @06:00pm EST

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Student Exchange Agency:   ASPECT Foundation
I-Team: More Horror Stories From Exchange Students
Reported by: Andy Mehalshick,
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 @04:45pm
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Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation 

Posted on Tue, May. 12, 2009   

Colleyville councilman accused of assaulting exchange student

By Darren Barbee 

Tony Licata, Colleyville councilman accused of assaulting exchange student (Tarrant County Jail photo)

Most-read storiesColleyville City Councilman Tony Licata is accused of pinning down a foreign exchange student on a bed and touching her inappropriately before she fought him off, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Licata, 57, resigned Thursday, the same day he was booked. He did not respond to email and phone messages seeking comment.

"Once we have investigated the allegation we'll have more to say," said Stephanie Luce, a Dallas attorney representing Licata. "He is a good and decent man."

The incident happened in November but wasn't reported to police until April, after the student told a counselor. After receiving an emergency report about the situation in November, American Field Service, which arranged for Licata to host the student, moved the student from Licata's home but did not contact police.

According to a Web site, Licata is chairman of the Tarrant County chapter of American Field Service (AFS).

The safety and security of students is the first priority of the service, said Marlene Baker, AFS spokeswoman.

"I can't discuss specifics with you. What I can tell you is that based on information we had at the time that we followed protocol at that time," Baker said. "The protocol included moving the student, notifying the student's parents, notifying the (U.S.) State Department and offering counseling to the student."

Licata was booked at the Tarrant County jail Thursday on an unlawful restraint warrant and posted bond. According to the warrant, Licata rubbbed "over the top of her clothes in places she was not comfortable."

"That's the preliminary charge," said Alan Levy, a Tarrant County prosecutor. "It'll come before the grand jury and they'll make the final decision on what the charge will be."

Elements of a sexual assault allegation may be different than what witnesses have reported, he said.

Here's what happened Nov. 4, according to the arrest warrant affidavit:

About 5:30 p.m., Tony Licata called the girl into his bedroom to show her a cellphone that he had for her.

They sat on the end of the bed reading the instruction book.

The girl said she was tired and started to get up. Licatta "grabbed her from behind and began hugging and rubbing her on her breast and stomach," according to the warrant.

The girl struggled and Licata threw her on the bed, got on top of her and began kissing her neck and shoulders, the warrant says. The girl continued to struggle, got free and stood in the corner of the room crying.

The girl went to the home of a friend, who called American Field Service. The agency moved her to Duncanville on an emergency placement, then moved her to a Tarrant County host family.
A counselor reported the allegations to authorities.

On May 1, after interviewing her friend, an investigator for the Tarrant County district attorney's office met the girl at a local high school. The girl volunteered to make a phone call to Licata's cell phone while being recorded. Licata answered the phone.

"He states several times that he was sorry about what had happened and that he had shared with his wife and with a counselor about the incident," according to the warrant. "He said that he had been instructed by AFS not to contact (the girl), but he was concerned for her welfare and wanted to visit with her further..."
Licata was elected to the city council in May 2005. He ran unopposed in 2007 and was re-elected to a three-year term.

Student Exchange Agency:  American Field Service (AFS)

***  CSFES Announcement:

Tony Licata has allegedly hosted more than four exchange students.    

If you are a former exchange student who was supervised or lived with Tony Licata, you are encouraged to contact Officer Kathy Manning at  817-884-1204  or via email:  You are welcome to provide a copy to the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students 

Requests to remain anonymous will be respected.  ***


Student exchange group checked host family of alleged sex-crime victim
 May 08, 2009 12:50 am, The Herald Bulletin

— ANDERSON — The foreign exchange organization that placed an alleged sex crime victim in the Anderson home where he was reported to have been victimized said on Thursday that it performs background and reference checks before it places a foreign exchange student with a host family.
Bonnie Gunter, director of student affairs for International Cultural Exchange Services, would not talk about the specific case in which host mother and Anderson resident Tricia D. Mallernee, 32, allegedly had sex on a regular basis with the 17-year-old student placed in her care.
Gunter said the organization performs background checks on everyone in the homes who is over 18 years old and checks three references and makes in-home visits prior to the exchange student arriving in America.

Gunter said problems can arise with any exchange organization.

“There are students who are removed or students who the host family and the student are not compatible,” she said. “There are a lot of reasons why a student may need to move to another home.”
But Danielle Grijalva, director and founder of the Committee for the Safety of Foreign Exchange Students, based in California, said instances of abuse among host families are increasing across the country.

“The exchange industry’s lack of child protection issues is astounding,” Grijalva said. “It’s been happening for decades; it’s just unfortunately progressively getting worse. (Child predators) gain access by turning to placement agencies. They can have the student delivered to their door step.”
Grijalva said many times the organizations that place exchange students are partially responsible when they are victimized, offering poor reporting to the correct agencies and even threatening to send them back to their own country if they report a problem.

ICES was the placing agency in a 2008 case where three foreign exchange students were molested by their host father, Grijalva said.

She cited cases across the country, with various placing agencies, where students were living in poor conditions or not able to attend school. She founded the committee to advocate for child protection policies to protect these students, including establishing a way for parents to know they are using a reputable organization to place their children in foreign homes.

“There needs to be a reporting agency so that natural parents can know where to go to find out the reputation, the strength of the agency,” she said. “There needs to be federal laws enacted that protect these exchange students. Sadly, it’s the exchange industry that will step in and interfere.
“It’s all about effective communication, and it’s got to be a huge wake up call.”

Lauren Auld, press secretary for the Indiana Department of Education, said the department collaborates with the U.S. Department of State and the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel to make sure foreign students traveling to Indiana have a safe stay.

The organizations perform background checks and screens families before they are given a student, and they also give approval for any foreign exchange program before it starts.

“We like to think that this is a great program for students to be involved in,” Auld said. “Their safety and making sure they’re comfortable is of the utmost importance to us.”

Gunter said ICES has a 24-hour number that students can call if they have problems with their host families, and each child is assigned to an area representative.

“Local area representatives will contact the national office and let us know of any situation that might require the student to move,” she said. “These are procedures that all exchange programs have.”
In the recent case in Anderson, the youth and Mallernee allegedly engaged in sex about 50 times, according to police documents, including three times on a spring break trip to Florida. Mallernee was arrested on suspicion of Class D felony child seduction and Class A misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor as she allegedly gave the student alcohol before the first time they had sex.

The boy said he was interested in the relationship at first, but became disinterested when he thought Mallernee might be developing emotional ties with him. He continued in the sexual relationship, however, because he thought he would not be able to continue to participate in school activities if he ended it, according to police documents.

The Herald Bulletin generally does not identify the victims of alleged sex crimes.

Mallernee’s phone has been disconnected, and she was unavailable for comment. A message posted on her MySpace page on Thursday said, “Rough couple of days!!!...I hate that I am the one taking all the blame!”

It was unclear if Mallernee was referring to her arrest in the messages. She bonded out of the Madison County Jail on Tuesday.

Grijalva said the Anderson case was disappointing to her and the committee.

“How much has he spent to come to the U.S. to become a victim of sexual abuse?” she said. “It’s very disheartening. Why was this young man groomed for sex for so many months, and why did his cries for help fall on deaf ears?”

Grijalva said cases of abuse against foreign exchange students often go unreported on the parts of both the agency that placed the student and the victim himself due to language barriers, cultural differences and shame.

“Sadly, these cases are unmonitored,” she said. “These kids endure because they are threatened with retaliation and repatriation.”

Contact Aleasha Sandley: 640-4805,
Copyright © 1999-2008 cnhi, inc. 
Student Exchange Agency:
  International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES)

May 07, 2009 12:15 am 

Woman allegedly had sex with exchange student 

By Shawn McGrath, Herald Bulletin Staff Writer

ANDERSON — An Anderson woman has been charged with four felony counts of child seduction for allegedly having sex with a foreign exchange student she was hosting in her family’s home.Madison County sheriff’s deputies arrested Tricia D. Mallernee, 32, at the jail at about 2:45 p.m. Tuesday. She posted $500 bond and was released about 30 minutes later.

According to court documents, Mallernee began having sex with the 17-year-old male foreign exchange student about two weeks after his arrival in early July 2008.

The sexual relationship continued through April. Mallernee and the teen had sex in her home and while on a spring vacation in Florida. On one occasion in April, Mallernee had the boy dismissed from school early and the pair had sex at Mounds State Park, according to court documents.

The teen told investigators he initially wanted to be in the relationship. But later he tried to end it, fearing Mallernee was becoming “emotionally attached and he did not feel the same way.”
Mallernee allegedly threatened to have the boy removed from the home if he ended the relationship, law enforcement officials said. He told investigators that he was afraid that moving to a new home would mean having to stop participating in school activities, according to court documents. He continued in

the relationship.

Although 17 is old enough to consent to a sexual relationship, because Mallernee was the teen’s host mother, she was considered his legal custodian, making their relationship child seduction under Indiana law.

Mallernee is married, but her husband was very ill during most of her relationship with the teen. The man, who is not named in the court documents, was hospitalized several times, “making Tricia’s activities with (the teen) possible without easy detection,” the court documents state.
The Herald Bulletin doesn’t general identify those suspected of being sex crime victims.
The relationship came to the attention of Indiana Department of Children’s Services case workers, who then contacted police. The teen is no longer living in Mallernee’s home, according to law enforcement officials.

Each count of child seduction is punishable by six months to three years in prison if convicted. Mallernee has not yet been arraigned on the charges.

Prosecutors also alleged she gave the teen alcohol the day of their first encounter. She is also charged with a misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Mallernee’s home telephone has been disconnected. She could not be reached for comment. It wasn’t immediately known if she has hired an attorney.

Contact Shawn McGrath: 640-4883,
Student Exchange Agency:  
International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES)


Phil Clapick has been hosting Exchange Students for 25 years. Many of them have attended Canoga where they have added much to the culture of our campus. Next year, Phil will be hosting more students, but he needs your help.

Page 1  June 30, 2007 Los Angeles Police Report No.: 070706005373
Page 2  June 30, 2007 Los Angeles Police Report No.: 070706005373
Page 3  June 30, 2007 Los Angeles Police Report No.: 070706005373
Former beach commissioner convicted of assault
April 1, 2009

By Patrick Cronin

Click for full story

Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation 

Foreign students made sex slaves
Jean Kim, March 3, 2009 Daily Forty-Niner

For Full Story:


Former Lincoln Coach Accused In Assaults Found Guilty
Sanford Kaplan Tied, Blindfolded Boys

March 2, 2009 OMAHA

For Full Story:

Copyright 2009 by

Student Exchange Agency:  ERDT/SHARE! High School Exchange Program
Allentown-based foreign exchange student business ordered to close after lawsuit
By Express-Times staff, Allentown Area News
February 27, 2009 

For Full Story:

Student Exchange Agency:  United Student Exchange

Lehigh County Judge Shuts Down Exchange Program

Reporting by Andrew Martel, The Morning Call, February 27, 2009 

A Lehigh County judge has shut down an Allentown foreign exchange student program that had been investigated for treating its students poorly and failing to pay host families and schools. 

For full story:

Student Exchange Agency:  United Student Exchange

West Virginia News
Sharing News & Information On WV Government Officials
February 20, 2009
PART TWO….There Are Heroes Amongst Us 
By Jack Swint & Sam Webber... 
According to Wikipedia, The literal meaning of the word hero is a"protector," "defender" or "guardian."
In a sense, we are all victims to this on going problem because the majority of society has been unaware of the facts. Most people have no clue of how these pedophiles are using the exchange program as their new playground for sex games. We only read about the "warm & fuzzy" side of the program with pictures of smiling kids and great experiences.
Full Story:

West Virginia News
Sharing News & Information On WV Government Officials
What The State Department & Exchange Student Industry Don't Want You To Know..... By, Jack Swint & Sam Webber ...  February 13, 2009 
PART ONE of our two part story takes you first inside of a multi million dollar industry known on the surface as the National Foreign Exchange Student Program.
Full Story:

Ft. Lewis Soldier Accused Of Molesting Exchange Student
by     February 11, 2009

For Full Story:

Student Exchange Agency:  ASPECT Foundation

Copyright 2009 by 
Wichita-area former teacher sentenced to 13 years in prison for sex crimes
February 10, 7:33 PM 
by Jim Kouri, Law Enforcement Examiner

A well-known local former teacher and debate coach was sentenced Monday to serve more than 13½ years in state prison after being convicted for sex crimes against minors. This case was investigated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Reno,Kansas Sheriff's Office, Buhler Kansas Police Dept, the Wichita Police Department's Exploited and Missing Children's Unit, the Philadelphia (Pa.) Police Department's Special Victims Unit (PPDSVU), San Bernardino California Sheriff's Office, and the Purdue University Police Department.

Richard Young, 68, was convicted Oct. 17 in Reno County, Kansas, on one count of aggravated indecent liberties with a minor, two counts indecent liberties, and one count of indecent solicitation of a minor. He was sentenced Feb. 9 to serve 164 months in prison.

Young is a resident of Buhler, Kan., and most recently was employed as a teacher and debate coach at Buhler High School. He taught for the past 47 years in various school districts in Kansas. He has hosted as many as 12 foreign exchange students in his home since 1997. Some of those students are residents of Germany, Bolivia and the Netherlands.

The investigation surrounding Young first began after a 16-year-old South Korean student that he sponsored in 2007 was terminated from the exchange program at Young's request. Following his termination, the Korean student visited his aunt in Philadelphia. The exchange student's attorney later contacted the Philadelphia ICE office, which referred the investigation to the Wichita ICE office. Further investigation revealed more molestation accusations from Young's three former stepsons, now adults. All three testified against Young at his trial.

"We received incredible cooperation from all the involved law enforcement agencies," said Antonio Farias, resident agent in charge of the ICE Office of Investigations in Wichita. "Due to this cooperation, this child molester who betrayed the trust people placed in him, won't be able to victimize any other children."
Reno County Sheriff Randy Henderson praised the work done by law enforcement and expressed his appreciation for the courage displayed by both the current victim and the three past victims. "These three gentlemen gave their time and opened old wounds in support of this young foreign exchange student."

This investigation was part of Operation Predator, a nationwide ICE initiative to protect children from sexual predators, including those who travel overseas for sex with minors, Internet child pornographers, criminal alien sex offenders, and child sex traffickers. Since Operation Predator was launched in July 2003, ICE agents have arrested more than 11,600 individuals.

Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and he's a staff writer for the New Media Alliance (  In addition, he's the blog editor for the House

Conservatives Fund's weblog.  Recently, the editors appointed him as their Law Enforcement Examiner. Kouri also serves as political advisor for Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor Michael Moriarty.

He's former chief at a New York City housing project in Washington Heights nicknamed "Crack City" by reporters covering the drug war in the 1980s. In addition, he served as director of public safety at a New Jersey university and director of security for several major organizations.  He's also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.   Kouri writes for many police and security magazines including Chief of Police, Police Times, The Narc Officer and others. He's a news writer for and  He's also a columnist for AmericanDaily.Com, MensNewsDaily.Com, MichNews.Com, and he's syndicated by AXcessNews.Com.   He's appeared as on-air commentator for over 300 TV and radio news and talk shows including Oprah, McLaughlin Report, CNN Headline News, MTV, Fox News, etc.  His book Assume The Position is available at Amazon.Com. Kouri's own website is located at

Student Exchange Agency:  Face The World

Jury:  Former Izard Co. teacher 'guilty'
By Joanne Bratton - Bulletin Staff Writer   January 10, 2009

For Full Story:

Student Exchange Agency:  Student American International, Incorporated (SAI)

Far from home and on their own
January 9, 2009
by  Courtney Baca,  Staff Writer
Click for full story
Student Exchange Agency:  Council for Educational Travel USA (CETUSA) 
Sentencing Delayed For Ex-Debate Coach At Buhler

Reporter:  Associated Press    Email address: January 8, 2009

Click here for story:

Student Exchange Agency:  Face The World

Note from CSFES:  To learn more, refer to our News 2008 page to read, "Sex case reveals the 'dark side' of student exchange -- Former  Buhler debate coach's conviction comes as group pushes for program regulation" by Jon Ruhlen - The Hutchinson News, published November 1, 2008

Allentown couple should pay restitution in troubled foreign student exchange program, prosecutor says

By Kevin Amerman
Of The Morning Call, January 8, 2009

The state attorney general's office asked a Lehigh County judge on Wednesday to permanently bar an Allentown couple from hosting or placing any more foreign exchange students, saying the couple treated young foreigners poorly and failed to pay host families and schools.

For Full Story:
Student Exchange Agency:  United Student Exchange
Two testify at sex trial

By Angelia Roberts Guard Managing Editor
Batesville Daily Guard, January 6, 2009

For Full Story:  

Student Exchange Agency:  Student American International, Incorporated (SAI)

Type your paragraph here.

August 8, 2014

Little Neck tutors charged with abusing students:  DA

by Kelsey Durham |  TimesLedger

August 4, 2014

Man hosting exchange student arrested

Lloyd Lindquist, 78, arrested on video voyeurism, child porn charges

Student Exchange Agency:  Forte International Exchange Association (FIEA) and
CCI Greenheart  |  formerly known as Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI)

CSFES Note:   

It appears Lindquist also hosted students from the following agencies:

ASPECT Foundation
Forte International Exchange Association (FIEA)
CCI Greenheart  (Formerly known as Center for Cultural Interchange CCI)
EF Foundation
Uninity of Indy

Any former exchange students PREVIOUSLY hosted by Lindquist are encouraged to contact Detective Sarah Coursey  tel:  (352) 742-6428, email:  SCOURSEY@TAVARES.ORG at the Tavares Police Department.

You may also feel free to contact the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students (CSFES) at BeSafe@csfes.orgattention Danielle Grijalva  DGRIJALVA@CSFES.ORG      We would like to ask that you not be ashamed and remember:  you did nothing wrong; this is certainly not typical American behavior.

The Tavares Police Department is to be commended for its thorough investigation.

We are saddened to learn what this teenager from the beautiful country of Germany allegedly endured.  You are to be commended for your bravery!  Remember, you did nothing wrong.  

May 10 , 2014

German consul says his country could file charges against Missoula shooter

By Charles S. Johnson

May 7, 2014

Foreign Exchange Student Advocacy Group Speaks On Diren Dede's Death
By Ashley Sanchez -- ABC FOX Montana

Student Exchange Agency:  Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

April  30, 2014

Germany demands justice for 17-year-old exchange student shot and killed by Montana homeowner as father arrives to pick up body

By Chris Pleasance -- Associated Newspapers Ltd.

Student Exchange Agency:  Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

March 9, 2014

Rash of Pikes Peak region educators accused of sex crimes raises concerns

by Debbie Kelley, The Gazette

In this article you will read, "A local man hosting two foreign exchange students in his family's home also was taken into custody during that time on suspicion of touching the students in a sexual manner."

February 16, 2014

Denmark no longer accredits exchange student agencies  by International Culture Exchange

January 23, 2014

Former Mormon bishop accused of luring teenage boy for sex

Video by:  KTVK/KASW

Student Exchange Organization:  Educatius International

January 6, 2014

Man charged with pointing gun at foreign exchange student
by Stephanie Ingersoll, Leaf-Chronicle

Student Exchange Organization:  Youth for Understanding USA (YFU USA)

Name of YFU USA Area Representative:   Sheri Ulrick

CSFES NOTE:   Please be advised per public records that the host father of this YFU USA participant was arrested for aggravated domestic assault in 2005 and transported to Montgomery County Jail.

According to the Clarksville Police Department, Report Number:  2005-04678:

"Title:  Aggravated Assault
The victim (name redacted) stated that after a veerbal altercation with her live-in boyfriend (Richard Vivin Chester Sheppard) he took off his shirt showing her a firearm that he was wearing on his hipand threw his arms in the air in an aggressive manner.  (Victim's name redacted) stated this placed her in fear because she felt threatened by the weapon.  The weapon was later discovered to be a "Y&P" replica semi automatic handgun fashioned to look real.  Mr. Chinchester Sheppard was arrested for aggrevated domestic assault and transported to Montgomery Co. jail."

How did this host father pass a background check?

On January 30, 2014, President Michael Hill of Youth for Understanding USA (YFU USA) told Danielle Grijalva of the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students (CSFES), "... there's no way a criminal background check was skipped."

Does this mean the host father's background was ignored?  You may wish to inquire by calling Mr. Michael Hill, President of YFU USA:  240.235.2100

Call Mr. James Alexander of the United States Department of State and inquire why State Department refuses to implement FBI fingerprint-based criminal background checks:  202.203.7794    Email:  AlexanderJT@state.govType your paragraph here.

News 2010

Banker with youth ties faces child porn counts

December 22, 2010  (The Buffalo News - McClatchy - Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) TMCnews

Click for full story

Federal prosecutor Aaron J. Mango.  As you will read in the above-referenced story, "Mango said prosecutors and federal agents also were disturbed to learn over the weekend that Salvatore is a volunteer with foreign exchange student programs and has hosted a number of teenagers from other countries in his home."

October 18, 2010
Court Date Scheduled for Local Child Protection Advocate

Student exchange agency:  Council on Educational Travel USA (CETUSA) 

 Explorius holding students hostage

The company engaged in student exchange programs operate with contracts Consumer Ombudsman believes may be illegal.

Wednesday 08 December 2010, at. 11:15Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on google_plusone_shareShare on emailMore Sharing Services43

TV 2 helps you have previously written about Tobias Kyte from Drammen got enough for two months in student exchanges in the United States. Then he moved around to five different families and experienced everything from poor living conditions of unpleasantness with the host family. Read story about Tobias here .

TV 2 help has also been in contact with several others who are dissatisfied with Explorius their program, and one of these is Ann Karin Andersen. Andersen's daughter has been on an exchange program in South Africa and came home after two to three weeks. The Andersen family reacts most is a document Explorius sent them before her daughter was allowed to go home. The document states that it must be signed by the exchange students themselves and their parents before they are allowed to book flights home. By signing the document waives the student and parents the opportunity to correct a claim against the company, and they confirmed that the company has done everything in his power to help them.

- It is the in a desperate situation and when it has come to the point that you have chosen to return home, so one feels compelled to sign. Where and when do you want to just get your daughter home, says Andersen.

- Completely unacceptable, says ANSAANSA, the organization that organizes the pupils and students abroad, reacted strongly to Explorius their practice.

- This type of contract is completely unacceptable, here Explorius disclaims all liability and to leave no appeal to the student who may be in a vulnerable situation and do not know better than to sign such an agreement, says the president of ANSA, Kristoffer Moldekleiv.
Moldekleiv would strongly advise against signing such contracts. He emphasizes that as a consumer have the right to appeal to a service one gets delivered and that it is therefore improper by the company to evade this.

- Unreasonable, says Consumer OmbudsmanConsumer Gry Nergård do not like what she sees when we show her contract.

- We believe this contract is unreasonable and therefore it may also be illegal and invalid, she said.

When TV2 help confront the CEO of Explorius, Tom Ericsson, with the document he claims that it is voluntarily signing the agreement.

Ann Karin Andersen believes, however, that far from being felt voluntarily signing the agreement. - Why in the world to launch one this contract then, if it is voluntary to sign it, ask Andersen. Read the agreement here and see if you think it is optional sign

Andersen believes that both the way the contract is designed for, and the correspondence they had with the company leaves little doubt that it was expected that they would sign.

- It's almost like the feeling like children hostage. You are completely defenseless and possessing you, then one does anything and Signs, says Andersen TV2 help.

Tom Ericsson Explorius says that he will get his lawyers to consider the agreement.

- If we violate Norwegian law course, we will do something about this. How can we not have it.
Ericsson says that the background to operate with such a document is that there are many who are fabricating false complaints after they have returned home and that this is an attempt to avoid it.

After TV2 help Explorius confronted with the Consumer Ombudsman has taken the company up on the document out of use.

- Host mother drove while drunk and asked for money

The exchange was a huge letdown for Tobias (17). Now he must go 1 class again.

Wednesday 01 December 2010, at. 7:56 p.m.Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on google_plusone_shareShare on emailMore Sharing Services43
Tobias Waage Kyte from Drammen got a rough welcome when he traveled in the fall of student exchanges to the United States through Explorius their program. The plan was to spend his second year at an American high school, but after only two months in the U.S. got 17-year-old enough and now he's back in Drammen.

First two days before departure in September, Tobias assigned a host family and then in Texas, even though he had all the way been informed that he was going to Florida.

- It was not really a problem for me. I thought; Texas, it's death cult! How many are there who get to experience it, tells Tobias to TV2 help.

But what met exchange student in Texas was far from death cult. According to Tobias, he was placed with a host family with poor housing conditions. He believes it all seemed like an emergency to get him over to the United States.

- It was dirty and disgusting and the toilet did not work properly. One of the windows was broken without someone had taken the trouble to replace it and I did not even have a bed to sleep in, says Tobias stated.

In the house lived a family of six, plus a German exchange student and all these would, along with Tobias, sharing two bedrooms.

- I was just totally distraught and felt really not that this was the Explorius had promised me, says Tobias. Read also: Norwegian demanded television license of U.S. student

Host mother drove he complained, he was promptly moved out, but the problems did not stop there.

In one of the families that experienced Tobias host mother on several occasions drank and drove the car during a tour of Florida. She also asked to borrow money from Tobias or if he could donate money for the trip. When the parents of Tobias learned of these events they reacted with great concern and contacted Explorius which confronted the host mother - while Tobias lived in the house.

- I thought it was terribly uncomfortable, you can just imagine what the mood was in the house, says Tobias, who despairs at the way the whole thing was treated.

His own parents, Kristin Waage Kyte and Mårten Kyte, thought it was tough to follow Tobias home and had frequent contact with her son. They tried to motivate and support him as best they could through skype, sms and telephone.

- It is the girlfriend you have and although we know that Tobias manages itself so it was hard to hear that he was insecure and in tears and could not help him, says Kristin.

During his nearly two months in the USA Tobias moved around to three different families in Texas, a family in Kansas before he was finally sent to one last family in Missouri. Here they could not offer any school room for him and the option was to move him one last time. Read also: The pass was defective, Thor had to be left at the airport

Breach of ContractThe parents of Tobias believe they have not received the service they have purchased Explorius and that the organization has on several occasions offered an inadequate schooling. Together, they paid 70 000 for the stay and Tobias has a grant from the Loan Fund which will be converted into loans because he has not completed the school year. In addition, he came back too late to follow their own cohort and must therefore go 1 class again.

- It's amazing suck and so demotivating. This year was supposed to be my life's experience, but now it just ends with a huge disappointment and unfulfilled expectations, says 17 - year-old.

Explorius think parents are to blame Explorius claim on his part that it is family Kyte who has broken the contract, because Tobias finally decided to go home from the United States. They also believe that the stay was largely destroyed by the parents had too much contact with his son. It reacts Tobias's mother strongly on.

- Who would have followed up his son in such a desperate situation, it is our duty as parents, she stated.

In ANSA, the organization that organizes students and students abroad, they have received several similar inquiries from students who have been abroad through Explorius.

- We find it incredibly unfortunate that exchange students end up in these situations and therefore it is very important to distinguish between serious and non-serious players, says President of ANSA, Kristoffer Moldekleiv.

CEO Explorius, Tom Ericsson, are very upset that Tobias has not been a successful stay in the United States. He regrets conditions at the first host family as Tobias came to Texas, but emphasizes that it lacks evidence Tobias their claims.

- There are some serious allegations that appear here and there we will check more thoroughly, he said.

Ericsson believes that Explorius has done everything in its power to help Tobias along when problems occurred and that the schooling they have provided has been satisfactory. After 2 TV helps you took up the matter has Explorius offered Tobias to go out on a second stay but with better conditions. Currently, the retailer also with family Kyte about an economic requirements.

December 06, 2010

J-1 Student Visa Abuse:  Foreign Students Forced To Work In Strip Clubs, Eat On Floor, by HOLBROK MOHR, MITCH WEISS and MIKE BAKER
Media Germany Das Erste Mediathek
By Tim van Beveren, October 13, 2010 
Click for full story
Student exchange agency:  Nacel Open Door and EUROVACANCES
Schools say agency used inappropriate tactics to place exchange students


September 10, 2010

Click for full story

Student exchange agency:  Youth for Understanding (YFU)

Error stops exchange student from going to school
By Tiffany Wilson

August 20, 2010

Click for full story

Student exchange agency:  Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE)


Host family struggles to keep exchange student in country  

Incorrectly filed paperwork with school system keeps student out of Frederick High
by Katherine Heerbrandt, Staff Writer, The Gazette      August 19, 2010

Click for full story

Student exchange agency:  Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE)

Beaverton lacrosse coach arrested on multiple sex abuse counts

By Wendy Owen, The Oregonian, June 15, 2010

Click for full story

Student exchange agency:  Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE)


Ukranian students claim exploitation in job program

August 9, 2010, Submitted by:  Ramon Herrera, WWAY News Channel 3

Click for full story

Sponsor:  Council on International Educational Exchanges, Inc.  (CIEE)


Kevin Ricks' career as teacher, tutor shows pattern of abuse that goes back decades

The Washington Post

Josh White, Blaine Harden and Jennifer Buske, Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kevin Ricks' career as teacher, tutor shows pattern of abuse that goes back decadesThe Washington Post

Click for full story

Student Exchange Agencies:

                American Scandinavian Student Exchange (ASSE)

                EF Foundation for Foreign Study (EF Foundation)

Note from CSFES:  Former exchange students hosted or supervised by Kevin Ricks are encouraged to contact Captain Art Dennis of the Manassas City Police Department:

Telephone:  703-257-8001


You are also free to contact: Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students:

Telephone:  760-583-9593

Email: or to Danielle Grijalva, directly: 

There is strength in numbers and CSFES commends your bravery.


NEWSCHANNEL 3  Centreville, Michigan

July 16, 2010

Exchange student faces deportation, host mother faces felonies

Click here for full story

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact:
Deputy Jay Parker at 269-467-9045 ext. 313


Attorney John McDonough via email 


Professor Promoted People to People Junket Without University Approval

Latest gaffe by for-profit promoters hawking 'educational' travel

By  Lisa Wade McCormick, June 13, 2020

Click for full story

Louise thrown out of the U.S. - was alleged that she had been drinking beer
June 11, 2010  TV 2 Nyhetene
By Heidi Venaes
Click here for full story
18 year old Louise Berge enjoyed much of her stipend in the U.S. Until she suddenly was thrown out of the U.S.  A picture of her beside a beer bottle is the main evidence.
Share with others:
Back in Trondheim are the parents, Frode Berge and Eline Blom Hoen, and ask themselves, what is the real reason for the emergency repatriation? 
Frode Berge has been a faithful member of Rotary, an organization that promotes ethics and morals. Now he has taken leave from Rotary.
- They break them with their own ethics and morality, for what we have learned is that Rotary in the United States risks serious liar! Berge is not gracious after reading the reasons for which his daughter 18 years in haste was repatriated in January this year.
Can not find the reason
When their daughter came home bursting into tears earlier this year, the couple began to look for the reason. They thought that Louise probably had committed some youthful sins. They found none.
- They have four prohibitions with the letter D, "says Louise, the students will relate to the" no drinking, no driving, no dating, no dope. " I broke none of the restrictions. 
But on a blog there was a picture of Louise standing next to an opened beer bottle. 
This is used as main evidence.
Difficult to reach
In addition, says Louise Randoph of Rotary that on several occasions was difficult to reach for the host family. A family that was otherwise a reasonably good match.
- It is true enough that I was unavailable to them sometimes, but I knew not that they had to reach me several times in one night. I was out with friends and had sent them SMS messages about where I was. But they did not reach me at any time, which made them afraid.
- Eline Blom Hoen, she is mother to four. We know that young people are not "hands on" all the time in relation to the use of mobile.
Reputation Spread
- Anyone who knows anything about high school understands that there are many rumors going, philosophizes Louise. Perhaps the rumor spreading is the cause here? We exchange students were taken aside by the principal and told that we should adjust our behavior. There was a rumor in the small town in Vermont that we "held wild parties", which was not true!
Louise was with a few days notice taken out of the family, almost "detained" in a foreign place or so the parents perceived it, and sent home. With an explanation that the family does not accept. 
- In addition, crimes were committed, they have taken pictures of Louise's PC, "says Frode Berge. Receiving support from their own local club, Rotary in Trondheim.
Approaching harassment
District Governor of Rotary Mid-Norway, Asbjørn Norberg, is not gracious in his description of the organization in Vermont, USA.
- We support Louise fully in this matter, and think the way she was treated for approaching harassment. It takes very serious reasons for repatriation, and such a reason we do not find here.
The bank manager in Trondheim is proud of most of what Rotary does. But not this. - Here some acted wrong, fundamentally wrong according to our ethics and our rules, "says Norberg.
Rotary in Trondheim has decided that Louise will receive 15,000 kroner as a plaster on the wound.
Student placement agency:  Rotary
Host father convicted of sex abuse

May 21, 2010   

Submitted by Laura Rillos KVAL TV
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Student Placement Agency:  AYUSA Global Youth Exchange

Trial begins for Junction City man accused of sexual abuse
By Jack Moran,  The Register-Guard, May 19, 2010

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Student Placement Agency:  AYUSA Global Youth Exchange
Friday, April 16, 2010      Top Story:  Student's nightmare over


Child Porn Charges Filed Against Arroyo Grande City Councilman

Posted: Apr 12, 2010 10:42 AM PDT Updated: Apr 12, 2010 5:38 PM PDT[Ed Arnold Jr.]  Ed Arnold Jr.

ARROYO GRANDE -- Child pornography charges have been leveled against an Arroyo Grande city leader, who already faces a list of felonies.

Legal troubles are compounding for Councilman Ed Arnold.

In addition to burglary, assault and domestic violence, Arnold is now accused of possessing and producing child pornography.

The new charges stem from the investigation that followed his arrest in December for beating a woman, after breaking into her home.

"The investigation is still ongoing," said Chief Steve Annibali, Arroyo Grande Police Department.

"There is a lot of information that came from that forensic investigation."

In January, police seized a computer at Arnold's house.

According to court documents, filed by the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney's office on

Friday, a forensic search of that computer revealed pictures of naked girls.

The documents also state that detectives found a video showing a 16-year-old girl -- a foreign exchange students -- showering in a bathroom at Arnold's home.

The video was allegedly taken from a hidden camera.

"I have received no evidence of this allegation other than what's contained in those documents," said Ilan Funke-Bilu, Arnold's attorney. "The documents refer to a video -- I have not seen it."

Arnold's attorney says his client was not the only person who had access to that computer.

Arnold is expected to answer to the new charges in court on Wednesday.

"I can tell you that the plea will be not guilty," said Funke-Bilu.

As for Tuesday's city council meeting, Arnold's attorney says he expects the councilman to be there.

Back in January, Arnold plead not guilty to the original five felony charges he faced.

Student Placement Agency:  AYUSA Global Youth Exchange

Exchange student's starvation claims become bitter dispute
By:  Kevin Wack Blethen Main Newspapers

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Student Exchange Agency:  AFS Intercultural Programs

Popular Manassas Teacher Arrested
Accused of Inappropriate Conduct With Teenager
NBC Washington    

February 19, 2010

"Students said the teacher was involved in the Travel Club at Osbourn High.  Web postings and a yearbook photo show he's had involvement with foreign exchange students."

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Host dad charged with abuse | James McClintock pleads not guilty to illegal sexual contact with a 17-year-old foreign exchange studentBy Karen McCowan
The Register-Guard
February 12, 2010
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Student Placement Agency:  AYUSA Global Youth Exchange

Host father accused of sex abuse involving exchange student Click for full story

Student Placement Agency:  AYUSA Global Youth Exchange

February 8, 2010

Response from Maura Pally, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, United States Department of State

Tulsa World

Sexual Abuse Warrants Immediate Action

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February 3, 2010

Woman pleads guilty in Pennsylvania exchange-student scandal

By The Associated PressClick for full story

Student Placement Agency:  ASPECT Foundation

February 3, 2010

Plea deal reached in Pa. exchange student scandal
Beaver County Times   The Associated Press
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Student Placement Agency:  ASPECT Foundation

February 2, 2010

Exchange Program Coordinator Deals with Feds


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Student Placement Agency:  ASPECT Foundation

February 2, 2010

Lawsuit Filed by Buhler Exchange Student Settled
The Hutchinson News   The Associated Press,               

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Student Placement Agency:  Face the World  
January 13, 2010

Former St. Helens postal worker convicted of sex abuse
By Stover E. Harger III,  The South County Spotlight

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Student Placement Agency:  EF Foundation


September 13, 2013

Gwinnett couple accused of molesting exchange students

Police:  Students forced to strip, touch one another

CSFES commends Cpl. Jake Smith of the Gwinnett County Police Department.  If you have been hosted by this husbad and wife team, please come forward and contact Cpl. Smith.  Do not be afraid.  You have not done anything wrong; we are proud of your bravery.  

You may also contact CSFES:

Note to the public:  The fact that these students are from Korea isn't by accident.  Many cultures are strict in respecting elders and authority; teachers are often most highly respected.

CSFES has come to know students from Korea who would get nosebleeds from continuou hours of study in their home county.

Many parents won't blink an eye paying up to $30,000 in program fees believing this as an investment in their child's education.

On behalf of the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students, we are deeply saddend, disgusted and embarrassed by how you were treated.  

Contact CSFES with any questions or should you need additional information.

August 23, 2013

Stephens County man charged with molestation

Student Exchange Agency:  Cultural Homestay International

It has been reported to Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students (CSFES) that Cultural Homestay International failed to report this to law enforcement, as required by the Federal Regulations written to protect these students.

It has been reported to CSFES that the host family was able to learn about hosting this exchange student via an ad on Craig's List.

Cultural Homestay International is a U.S. Department of State Designated Sponsor for the Exchange Visitor Program.  You may contact James Alexander of the State or tel: 202-203-7794  

Our heart and thoughts are with this young girl from Slovakia.  We would like for her to know that her voice counts, no matter what Erin McLinsky of CHI  (580) 238-8496 has told her; no matter what Susan Hill of CHI (405) 701-0083 has told her.  

Voice your concerns by contacting CSFES:    CSFES will bring this to the attention of the Consuls General of Slovakia in America.

June 26, 2013

UC Davis Exchange Host Mom Disputes Allegations of Mistreatment

By Luana Munoz, Fox40 Sacramento

Student exchange agency: Worldwide International Student Exchange (WISE)

June 5, 2013
Exchange Students Accuse Host Family of Mistreatment

by Luana Munoz,  Fox40 Sacramento

Student exchange agency:  Worldwide International Student Exchange (WISE)

April 15, 2013
Scandal at St. John’s University: Corruption, Apostasy, and Death

By Anne Hendershott, Crisis Magazine

April 6, 2013
Host for exchange student guilty
By Greg Bolt, The Register-Guard

Student exchange agency:  Rotary

April 5, 2013

Man Pleads Guilty of Sexual Harassment
By Nha Nguyen, KEZI

Student exchange agency:  Rotary

March 8, 2013

Pennsylvania McDonald's franchisee accused of abusing foreign workers

By M. Alex Johnson, staff writer NBC News

Student Exchange Agency:  GeoVisions, Mr. Kevin Morgan, Chief Executive

March 06, 2013 at 10:18 PM, updated March 07, 2013 at 11:32 AM

Foreign student workers locked out of their home following McDonald's protest

By Eric Veronikis  PENN LIVE

Student Exchange Agency:  GeoVisions, Mr. Kevin Morgan, Chief Executive

February 1, 2013

NJ Man Preys on Foreign Exchange Students: Cops

Student Exchange Agency:  ASSE International Student Exchange Programs (ASSE) 

Note from CSFES:  

Former exchange students hosted or supervised by John Kinka who would like to contact Detective McCormick of the Vineland Police Department may do so by calling 856-691-4111 or email  

You may also contact Danielle Grijalva at the CSFES  You have not done anything wrong.

January 22, 2013

Kevin Ricks, former Manassas teacher, sentenced to 20 more years in prison

The Washington Post, by Josh White

Student Exchange Agencies:

ASSE International Student Exchange Programs (ASSE)

EF Foundation


December 14, 2011

Tulsa after-school program worker faces sex charges

By AMANDA BLAND, World Staff Writer, Tulsa World

Click for full story

CSFES NOTE:  In this article, you will read, "In 2007, The Oklahoman reported questionable practices at a nonaccredited and unregulated school in Oklahoma City founded by Storrs, wherein foreign-exchange students reportedly lived with host families, including Storrs, in deplorable conditions."

Name of exchange agency responsible for placement of foreign exchange students in deplorable conditions:  ASSE International

To read more:  Sun June 10, 2007,  The Oklahoman 

Bayard Rustin Living Learning Center tales differ
By Randy Ellis, Staff Writer 
Unexpected surprises 
Lorenz and fellow foreign exchange students Daniel Balser, 17, of Germany and Petr Dolecek, 17, of the Czech Republic told The Oklahoman that Bayard Rustin provided them and three other exchange students with one bizarre surprise after another.
While Lorenz was dealing with cockroaches Balser and Dolecek were placed in Storrs' home. Balser said he came to Oklahoma City with the understanding he would be living with former Bayard Rustin Principal Sean Lee.  But after arriving, he learned Storrs would be his host. 
Balser said Storrs told him he was gay, but not being familiar with all the nuances of the language, he thought Storrs might be saying that he was a "happy person.” 
Balser said he realized Storrs was a homosexual after meeting his gay roommate. 
"They didn't do anything to us. Just the feeling wasn't so cool,” he said. 
Dolecek said he understood before he came to Oklahoma City that Storrs was homosexual, but it wasn't a big deal to him. 
The students said they had never heard of Bayard Rustin when the exchange program notified them that they would have an opportunity to attend school there. 
They said they looked up the school on the Internet, but about all they discovered was that Bayard Rustin was a private school that embraced students from diverse social and racial backgrounds and received part of its funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 
The Gates Foundation tie seemed promising. 
"I thought it was a prestigious school,” Dolecek said, adding he also thought it might be high tech. 
He was wrong. 
An IBM employee who worked on the computers said some of them were so old they wouldn't load 10-year-old software. Storrs said he bought the computers cheap as surplus property. 

School moves
As for the school, students said they were surprised to discover it was located in a warehouse on E Reno Avenue. They were even more surprised when officials packed up and moved the school a few weeks into the fall semester. The new location at 726 Colbertson Drive is in a strip shopping center southeast of the state Capitol. 
Jimmy Nix, the warehouse owner, said he was trying to evict Storrs when school officials moved. 

"They were in there probably two or three months,” Nix said. 
Nix said he received two bad checks from Storrs, along with a lot of excuses. 
Other suppliers reported similar experiences. 
And it wasn't just the suppliers who weren't being paid. 
Former teachers told The Oklahoman they weren't, either, which prompted many of them to quit mid-semester. 

"Most of the time, we were just sitting there doing nothing,” Balser said. 
The students said they would have one morning class, then do whatever. Fights frequently broke out between students, they said. 
The state Education Department never stepped in because it doesn't have oversight of private schools that don't seek accreditation, said department spokeswoman Shelly Hickman. 
Dolecek said he thought it was strange the school didn't have money to pay teachers because it bought thousands of dollars in football equipment for a joint team with some charter schools. 
The school still owes several thousand dollars on the equipment, an employee of the business that sold the equipment said.  

Money problems 
Storrs said Bayard Rustin is a private school that doesn't charge tuition. He admits money was a constant problem. 
The school's two primary sources of funding were a $150,000 model schools grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and federal money the school collected for doing after-school tutoring of Oklahoma City students, Storrs said. 

Student Exchange Agency:  ASSE International

Exchange-student problems bring shake-up
by Randy Ellis, The Oklahoman, June 10, 2007

Student Exchange Agency:  ASSE International

Bayard Rustin Living Learning Center tales differ
by Randy Ellis, The Oklahoman, June 10, 2007
Three high school foreign exchange students had high expectations last summer after they learned they had been accepted into a private Oklahoma City school funded in part with a grant from Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates' foundation. 
Nobody said anything about fights in classrooms. Nobody said anything about living with convicted felons. Nobody said anything about cockroaches. 

Those were things they had to learn from experience.

Student Exchange Agency:  ASSE International


November 9, 2011

The Detroit News

U.S. restricts troubled visa program

Changes come amid reported abuses, including students paid $1 an hour or less

HOLBROOK MOHR / Associated Press

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September 8, 2011

Committee Files Complaint against Student Exchange Group
Lawsuit names Nacel groups in alleged sex assault, by Leah Beno / Fox 9 News

Click for full story

Student Exchange Agency:  Nacel Open Door

September 1, 2011

Lawsuit:  Exchange Student Sexually Abused Child
Mongolian student, 15, deported after incident, by Leah Beno / Fox 9 News

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Student Exchange Agency:  Nacel Open Door

August 22, 2011

Vandeventer trial pushed back

By Nick Schneider, Assistant Editor, Greene County Daily World

Student Exchange Agency:  International Student Exchange (ISE)


July 26, 2011

Turkish Living | News Detail Work and Travel Program, issues and warnings

By  Isil Oz

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Translation in English:

Turkish Living | News Detail

Work and Travel program, issues and warnings 


Each year 10 thousand of Turkish students participated in "Work and Travel" (Work and Travel) program show great interest in college students, but their ordeal, remains on the agenda.
Work and Travel program, post-secondary students learning English as well as the exchange of culture in the United States, and offers the opportunity to earn money. Turkey, in second place worldwide in terms of numbers of participants in this program.

American students with their peers from around the world participating in the program is running under the same operating conditions and legal protections emphasized how much the companies sponsored the students open to debate.

New application

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States last month calls for Making a regulation on this issue. The implementation of the new rules as of July 15. Is he aware that thousands of students applying from the beginning of the summer course, we do not know!

The host families, interview by someone other than the first person to be visited for a second time, the house of the family incurred over 18 years of the FBI's obligation to provide fingerprints, parent, unmarried child of school age are not allowed, restrictions on the number of students per supervisor, the sponsor organizations to obtain personal financial information about the family income requirement, the student will be requested from home photos, the program re-approved each year and sponsors need to test students online, as well as to stay on the topic of family, bringing a new addition to the prohibition of payment of the application of notable items.

Sponsors opposition to the law

The sponsors are aware of the law zorlaştıracağının jobs are doing their best to undermine the process. Experiencing an intense lobbying. The financial burden of new applications, the pressure to establish a basic point of departure for work. This will be reflected on the financial burden to students over and over again is a product of efforts to expand the front to indicate opposition to the law.

I have followed closely the work of CSFES (Foreign Student Safety Committee) discussed in recent days with President Danielle Grijalva had the chance to talk about these applications.

CSFES, California-based non-profit 501 (c) 3, contributing to the strengthening of the United States Department of Regulation and security of foreign students working for the institution.

Thanks to CSFES sexual abuse, neglect, and significantly reduced the number of children we know the victim of extortion. Grijalva'e first, "How is it used in abuse of the J-1 program?" I asked.

"That's a lot of money and unfortunately there is not enough supervision," he said and added: "The state for decades, not many students knew enough to home and family to come under this program leads the way with 30 thousand people. These young people up to the needs of housing and eliminate conditions that properly, it does not, unfortunately, the continuity of a structure to supervise. "

So, what do you think the new rules, will it work?

October 16, 2015

16 -

year - old foreign exchange student found

living with Ark. sex offender

Student Placement Agency:  STS Foundation
STS Foundation Area Representative:  Michelle Hall  Tel. 423-774-2968
Telephone number to STS Foundation:  978-341-8512

 April 8, 2015  Newsdesk

J1 student allegedly raped by investment banker may testify in New York trial

April 18, 2013  (posted March 30, 2015) 

Utsattes för våldtäkts- försök på språkresan
By Av Diamant Salihu 

February 22, 2015

AP IMPACT:  Abused kids die as authorities fail to protect


NEWS 2008 

Exchange students put at risk of being abused
by Leesha Mckenny, December 21, 2008 --  Brisbane Times
Student Exchange Agency:  AFS
My host father asked me if I was a virgin
by Leesha McKenny, December 21, 2008 --  The Sydney Morning Herald
Student Exchange Agency:  AFS
Enid man gets prison term for sexually molesting foreign exchange students
By Cass Rains, Staff Writer,  12-17-08
Student Exchange Agency: International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES)

African-American student stabbed in Russian city
Kansas City Star - MO, USA 12-14-08
Associated Press Writer 

Student Exchange Agency:  American Field Service (AFS) 
Note from CSFES to Ms. Tina Robinson:  Please contact CSFES toll-free 866-471-9203 or  Thank you!

Is Former WV Principal A Pedophile And Child Molester?
by Sam Webber & Jack Swint 11-25-08
Sometimes A Story Has To Be Told ....

Student Exchange Agency:  Academic Year in America (AYA) 

Pump up the vigilance

Additional safeguards needed to protect exchange students
November 7, 2008
Copyright 2008 The Hutchinson News

Sex case reveals the 'dark side' of student exchange
By Jon Ruhlen - The Hutchinson News -, November 1, 2008 

Teacher is guilty of abuse, jury says 

It also rules that Young's position of trust with student warrants 
tougher sentence
By Jon Ruhlen - The Hutchison news -, October 17, 2008
Student Exchange Agency:  Face The World
Woman allegedly steals $10,000-plus from live-in foreign exchange students
By Trisha Schultz, News Staff Writer, October 11, 2008, Norfolk Daily News
Student Exchange Agency:  STS Foundation

Teen, men allege similar abuse by teacher
Youth says former debate coach fondled him; trio cite 
molestation many years ago
By Jon Ruhlen - The Hutchinson News - 
October 8, 2008
Student Exchange Agency:  Face the World Foundation

Problems with host families, leave exchange students searching 
By Ray Parker, September 19, 2008, The Arizona Republic
Student Exchange Agency:  Center for Cultural Interchanage currently known as Greenheart Exchange

Exchange Students Arrive in Hawkins to Find No School 
or Host Families Waiting
By Jeff Bobo, September 9, 2008, Kingsport Times News
Student Exchange Agency:  ASSE International

Foreign students question exchange program
By Carol Crump, September 3, 2008
Student Exchange Agency:  Aspire Worldwide

Foreign Students in Limbo Without Host Families, Education, August 27, 2008
Student Exchange Agency:   ASSE International

Overcrowding Forces Out Foreign Exchange Students 
Reporter Joel Thomas, August 19, 2008  KTVT
Student Exchange Agency:  ASSE International
Family Fights In Court To Keep Son's Story Online
By Liz Collin, WCCO  July 28, 2008
Click for full story
People to People International
Advocate for city exchange students says order defies free speech 
By Randy Ellis, Staff Writer, The Oklahoman, June 26, 2008

Director Danielle Grijalva of Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students

The director of a nonprofit group formed to promote the safety of foreign exchange students vowed Wednesday to defy a North Carolina district court order to remove news articles about the mistreatment of foreign exchange students from the group's Web site.

"Am I defying the court order or am I standing behind my First Amendment right?" asked Danielle Grijalva, director of the California-based Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students.

Among articles the judge wants removed is an article published last year in The Oklahoman that detailed how several foreign exchange students were placed in two Oklahoma City homes headed by convicted felons, including one that was infested with cockroaches, she said.

"The public has a right to read that," Grijalva said.

Grijalva said several child and victims' advocacy groups have rallied to her cause and asked to intervene in the case to help protect the safety of children.

Three foreign exchange groups, Programmes Internationaux d-Echanges, ASSE International Inc., and World Heritage Inc. filed a North Carolina district court lawsuit against Grijalva last year, accusing her of unreasonably interfering with contractual relationships with current and potential foreign exchange students.

Grijalva was accused of contacting foreign exchange students, their natural families, their host families and school personnel and conveying false information about the foreign exchange organizations and the jeopardy to which students were being exposed.

Grijalva said she e-mailed the father of a French foreign exchange student at the student'srequest but said she has not engaged in any mass effort to contact students, parents and host families.

Judge William B. Reingold issued a preliminary injunction May 30 ordering Grijalva to:
— Not contact any ASSE or World Heritage students, their natural or host families, or school officials.
— Not disseminate any false or misleading information about ASSE or World Heritage.
— Not publish information about ASSE or World Heritage-sponsored foreign exchange students on her Web site,

Grijalva said more than 1,000 individuals have stepped forward to report abuse of foreign exchange students since 2004, and that doesn't count numerous reports of abuse that have appeared in newspapers.

For the protection of foreign exchange students, Grijalva said her organization thinks full fingerprint criminal background checks should be required of all host parents, students should not be placed in homes of convicted felons and students should not be allowed to come to the United States until fully screened host families have been located for them. 

Student Exchange Agencies:  

ASSE International, Inc. (ASSE)
World Heritage, Inc. (World Heritage)
Programmes Internationaux D'Echanges (PIE France) 


Exchange student testifies
Former host father’s actions ruined experience in U.S., she saysBy Jacqui Seibel of the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Jun. 18, 2008
Click for full story
Student Exchange Agency:  AFS
June 5, 2008

Teen paints picture of abuse by teacher

Exchange student gives his version of events in hearing for Richard Young.

By John Green - The Hutchinson News -

A foreign exchange student who alleges he was sexually molested by a former Buhler High School teacher testified Wednesday that the abuse began within two days of his arrival.

The testimony came during a preliminary hearing Wednesday for the teacher and former debate coach, Richard Young, 68, who is charged with three counts of indecent liberties with a child and one count of indecent solicitation of a child.

The start of the hearing was delayed about two hours while District Judge Joe McCarville considered arguments on whether a hearing on a state motion to admit evidence of prior crimes should be open to the public - and then conducted the hearing behind closed doors.

McCarville announced at the start of the preliminary hearing that he'd made a preliminary finding the evidence would be allowed, but that the issue would be argued further after testimony was under way.

The 16-year-old male student described incidents on two days in early August, within "a few days" of each other, but said no other inappropriate behavior occurred before he was advised he had to leave the state in late September.

The teen said he paid $14,000 to come to the U.S. through a company that arranged exchanges and, though he wanted to be located on the East Coast, was told he'd be coming to Kansas.

Before his arrival, he testified, he was given Young's phone number and e-mail address and they talked three or four times.  He said in the later conversations Young "was obsessed with the sexual interests by teenagers."

He said during a conversation about sports, Young asked the teen to e-mail a photograph of himself unclothed, "to see my body, to see how much I was fit." The teen complied by sending a photo he took in his bathroom mirror of himself partially clothed.

On the drive to Buhler from the Wichita airport on Aug. 1, the teen testified, Young again turned the conversation to teen sex and discussed masturbation. After arriving, at the end of the evening, Young offered the teen tissue and lotion 
and suggested he could use them to masturbate.

At one point in his testimony, the teen asked his parents, who'd flown in from South Korea, to leave the courtroom.  They did not return for the rest of the day's testimony.

According to the teen, in one incident Young asked the boy to allow him to touch him. He repeatedly said no, but eventually "he persuaded me," the teen testified. At that point they both took off their pants and lay on the bed.

The teen refused additional sexual requests from Young that evening, he testified, at which time Young left the room for 10 or 15 minutes. When Young returned, the teen testified that he acted like he had fallen asleep.

During the second incident, the teen testified, Young reached inside his clothing.

"I didn't know what was happening," the teen testified. "I didn't know if it was wrong or right."

Over the next six weeks, the teen testified, he became more and more depressed.

"I started to feel trapped," he said. "I started to fear and distrust people. At the time I was denying the fact the depression was coming from what happened."

At one point, the boy testified, he started uncontrollably crying. He called Young, who was out to dinner with his "host brother," another 21-year-old student from Hong Kong living with Young during the school year. Young advised him to take a sleeping pill and the following week suggested he see a mental health counselor.

The following weekend, he got a call from the sponsoring agency who advised him he must leave Young's house. He left Kansas on Sept. 23.

His father arranged for him to stay with a friend in Philadelphia. There, the teen testified, he was advised he would have to return home within two weeks. That's when he called his father and revealed what had happened. His father told him to "get an adviser." That attorney then contacted police.

The hearing is scheduled to resume at 8 a.m. today.

Student Exchange Agency:  Face The World Foundation

FAYETTEVILLE : Agency dumps coordinators of foreign teens
BY ROBERT J. SMITH, Northwest Arkansas' News Source, June 3, 2008
"State Department investigators learned that EF Foundation failed to ensure that 
foreign exchange students had appropriate host families and homes before they 
arrived in the U. S.  The foundation also allowed some students to live in the 
Drummond home, a violation of federal regulations that forbid company 
representatives from serving as a student's host family, State Department officials said."

Complete story: 
Education First Foundation of Foreign Study on Monday fired a Fayetteville couple in charge of finding host families for foreign exchange students arriving in Arkansas.
EF Foundation's decision to fire Gerald and Sherry Drummond came hours after Fayetteville High School said that it will no longer accept foreign students brought to Arkansas by the Cambridge, Mass.-based company.
"They called us this morning and told us with the decision of Fayetteville High School that they were going to ask us to not work with them anymore," Gerald Drummond said Monday. "I go with what they ask.
" We're just ordinary nobodies, but I enjoy life and I enjoy meeting people. We get things written about us like we're trying to take advantage of exchange students instead of it being a positive thing." 

Alan Wilbourn, the Fayetteville School District spokesman, said high school counselors spent too much time resolving difficulties encountered by EF Foundation students. That led to the decision to stop working with the company, he said.
"They've spent days handling living situations, and that's supposed to be taken care of before they get here," Wilbourn said.

The school district's ban of EF Foundation students comes five months after the U. S. State Department began investigating EF Foundation's Arkansas operation. The Drummonds accepted their first foreign exchange student as a host family eight years ago and eventually became the company's Arkansas coordinators. 

State Department investigators learned that EF Foundation failed to ensure that foreign exchange students had appropriate host families and homes before they arrived in the U. S. The foundation also allowed some students to live in the Drummond home, a violation of federal regulations that forbid company representatives from serving as a student's host family, State Department officials said.

The findings in the State Department's investigation, which involved six students at Fayetteville High School and one each at Fayetteville Christian School and Missouri Boulevard Baptist School, have not been made public.

Counselors and school administrators in Fayetteville interviewed by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in December said foreign students associated with EF Foundation felt isolated, scared and appeared to be malnourished.

Those characterizations are unfair, Gerald Drummond said Monday. He said there are students who lived in his home who remain in contact with him. Over the eight years, 14 foreign exchange students lived with the Drummonds, he said.

"I'm just sad to see it come to a crashing end," he said. "We're not the terrible people the world thinks we are."

EF Foundation spokesman Ellen Manz wouldn't say why the Drummonds were let go. A replacement hasn't been selected. The company knew the Fayetteville school was considering banning EF Foundation students from enrolling, Manz said.

"Although this is a disappointing decision, it will not have a material impact on our program either in Arkansas or nationwide," Manz writes in an e-mail. "We will certainly visit Fayetteville High School in the fall to discuss their experiences with EF, and see if we can give them the confidence in our program to consider accepting our students in 2009-10."

Heather Slinkard, a Bella Vista woman who is area manager for a foreign exchange student company called Peace 4 Kids Inc., said EF Foundation's troubles in Arkansas hurt the overall image of foreign exchange programs.

"They did give us all a black eye, but more than that, they hurt students," Slinkard said.
State Sen. Sue Madison, DFayetteville, who wants the state to more closely monitor the placement of foreign exchange students at high schools, said she was pleased to hear the company fired the Drummonds.

"I'm happy to see EF take some firm action," Madison said. "Maybe they'll get somebody good."
Copyright (c) 2001-2008 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc.  All rights reserved.

Student Exchange Agency:  Education First Foundation of Foreign Study (EF) 

Lincoln Man Accused of Binding, Gagging Teen Boys 

A Lancaster County man is in police custody for binding, gagging, blindfolding 
and hanging teenaged boys from the rafters of a detached garage.'''

"Kaplan is a UNL employee, youth soccer coach and has been a host family for foreign exchange students."

Updated 05-19-08 at 8:27 am

Copyright 2008 KPTM

Student Exchange Agency:  ERDT/SHARE! High School Exchange Program

Attempts to 'Sue' Child Advocates Mouth Shut
May 7, 2008
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30 March 2008
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Posted on Tue, Mar. 25, 2008
Lee's Summit schools  set up fund to help injured foreign exchange student
The Kansas City Star
The Lee's Summit School District has established a fund to help cover expenses incurred by the family of a Norwegian exchange student seriously injured in a recent car accident.
Guru Magnussen, 17, a student at lee's Summit North High School, remains in a coma at Research Medical Center in Kansas City, according to Principal David Ulrich.
The family mainly needs help with transportation costs, Ulrich said, including airfare for an uncle and three siblings who came over after the accident.

Magnussen was one of three students in a Honda that collided with a full-size picku around 7:20 a.m. on Feb. 27.

According to police, the honda drifted onto the rightr shoulder.  The driver overcorrected into oncoming traffic, and overcorrected again before the car went into a slide.

Maagnussen's  family has not responded to interview requests.  The host family has not been identified.
Research Medical Center has no record of Magnussen being at the hospital, a spokeswoman said Tuesday, but she said patient information can sometimes be blacked out for privacy or other reasons.

The fund for the family has been set through the Lee's Summit Educational Foundation.  Interested donors should make out a check to the foundation, with "Helping Hands for Guro" written in the memo section.

Checks should be sent to the district at 301 N.E. Tudor Road, Lee's Summit, MO 64086.

Ulrich said there has been an "amazing outpouring" of interest in helping the family.

Before the fund was established, he said, "I had to keep putting people off, to be honest."

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Foreign Students Say They Were StrandedMarch 19, 2008
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Teacher videotaped woman's feet in '99
Man charged with improper behavior with teenage studentBy Jacqui Seibel of the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Mar. 6, 2008
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Exchange student's host father charged
Substitute teacher accused of improper conduct
Posted: Feb. 27, 2008Waukesha - A substitute teacher was charged with disorderly conduct Wednesday after he was accused of making sexual remarks and engaging in inappropriate behavior with a foreign exchange student he was hosting.
The girl, 17, who told investigators that her host father made her uncomfortable, was removed from the home in December, according to a criminal complaint.
The Waukesha County district attorney's office asked for a speedy disposition in the case against Larry C. Wallenslager, 50, because the student will likely return to her home country in June. He is scheduled to be in court on March 10.
According to the criminal complaint, Wallenslager asked the girl if she ever had sex and whether she would feel weird taking her clothes off in front of her boyfriend. He told her that it would be OK if he saw her naked because he saw a previous female AFS student naked, the complaint says.
She told investigators that she had to be careful changing clothes because he would just walk into her bedroom. He would hold and stroke her hand and tell her that he loved her, she said.
The Waukesha man asked her what she would do if her host father ever raped her, the complaint says. He told the girl that he could lock her in the basement and withhold food as a way of controlling her. He frightened her in October when he briefly locked the girl in a closet, the complaint says.
Wallenslager began rubbing her feet within a week of arriving and she did not know how to stop him, the complaint says.
There were times that she would enter her bedroom and he would be standing there in the dark, the complaint says. He would tell her that he was waiting for her and that he would rub her back until she fell asleep. The girl said he would rub her back underneath her clothing, the complaint says.
Wallenslager told investigators that he was trying to relieve the girl's stress and feeling of homesickness and that he asked her about any sexual relations she was having because he was concerned of the spread of AIDS. He also denied rubbing the girl's feet or back for sexual gratification, the complaint says.
Jack Bothwell, the district's executive director of human resources, said Wallenslager had been employed as a general substitute teacher for the district, meaning he filled in for teachers at both the elementary and secondary level.
Bothwell said that although Wallenslager was working for the district as a substitute at the beginning of the year, he is no longer employed by the school system. He said he did not know if Wallenslager's departure from the district was related to the allegations.
As a substitute teacher, Wallenslager would have had to pass an online screening survey to gauge his talent at teaching kids, completed an application with references and undergone a criminal background check, Bothwell said. Although unsure how long Wallenslager worked for the Waukesha district, Bothwell said he knew it had been for more than a year.
Wallenslager has had a valid substitute teaching permit issued by the Department of Public Instruction since July 2000.
Amy Hetzner of the Journal Sentinel staff contributed to this report.
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U.S. Exchange Student Starved by Egyptian Host Family Loses 50 Pounds

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 


Jan. 2008: Jonathan McCullum, of Hallowell, Maine, is shown after he returned from staying with a family in Alexandria, Egypt, 50 pounds lighter.

Jan. 2008: Jonathan McCullum, of Hallowell, Maine, is shown after he returned from staying with a family in Alexandria, Egypt, 50 pounds lighter.HALLOWELL, Maine  —  Jonathan McCullum was in perfect health at 155 pounds when he left last summer to spend the school year as an exchange student in Egypt.

But when he returned home to Maine just four months later, the 5-foot-9 teenager weighed a mere 97 pounds and was so weak that he struggled to carry his baggage or climb a flight of stairs. Doctors said he was at risk for a heart attack.

McCullum says he was denied sufficient food while staying with a family of Coptic Christians, who fast for more than 200 days a year, a regimen unmatched by other Christians.

But he does not view the experience as a culture clash. Rather, he said, it reflected mean and stingy treatment by his host family, whose broken English made it difficult to communicate.

"The weight loss concerned me, but I wanted to stick out the whole year," he said in an interview at his

family's home outside Augusta.

Friends and teachers at his English-speaking school in Egypt urged him to change his host family, but he stayed put after being told the other home was in a dangerous neighborhood of Alexandria.

After returning to the U.S., he was hospitalized for nearly two weeks. The 17-year-old has regained about 20 pounds, but his parents say he's not the same boy he was when he left under the auspices of AFS Intercultural Programs.

"He was outgoing, a straight-A student, very athletic. Now, he's less spontaneous and more subdued," said his mother, Elizabeth McCullum, who was shocked when she met her son at the airport on Jan. 9 and saw he had lost one-third his weight.

Jonathan McCullum's parents said the exchange program should have warned them that students placed with Coptic families would be subject to dietary restrictions.

Marlene Baker, communications director at AFS headquarters in New York, declined to discuss McCullum's experience. She referred calls to the program's lawyer in Portland, Patricia Peard, who said she could not comment on McCullum's case because of the potential for a lawsuit.

McCullum said his host family gave him only meager amounts of food, and his condition worsened during the last seven weeks, when the family observed a fast limiting the amount of animal protein he was given.

The host family was a couple with two younger boys and a daughter who was in the U.S. on an AFS exchange. McCullum said the parents gave him the smallest food portions, hid treats in their bedroom and complained that the cost of his upkeep was more than they spent for their daughter when she was home.

The host father, Shaker Hanna, rejected McCullum's story as "a lie," suggesting that he made it up because his parents were hoping to recover some of the money they paid for his stay as compensation.
"The truth is, the boy we hosted for nearly six months was eating for an hour and a half at every meal. The amount of food he ate at each meal was equal to six people," Hanna said. He added that the boy was

active, constantly exercising and playing sports.

Hanna, an engineer, said his family went out of its way to prepare special foods, including fish and

chicken, for McCullum during the fast periods.

McCullum disputes that. The family served meat early in his stay, he said, but that ended during the fast period.

He said he never got breakfast and his first food of the day usually was a small piece of bread with cucumbers and cheese that he would take to school for lunch. There was a late-afternoon dinner consisting of beans, vegetables and sometimes fish, and a snack of bread later in the evening.

McCullum sometimes bought food, but at one point was reduced to stealing it from a supermarket. He was caught, but the store accepted the small amount of money he had and let him go.

Still, McCullum did not complain to his parents. His father suspects he may have fallen victim to Stockholm syndrome, in which people start to feel a sense of loyalty to those who victimize them.

McCullum's parents first sensed that something was amiss shortly before Christmas, when they got e-mails from their son and one of his teachers about seeking a new host family. They also saw a picture of him on Facebook indicating he had lost a lot of weight.

In early January, the teacher sent another e-mail saying McCullum was "in bad shape" and "really, really

NEEDS to go home."

The McCullums said AFS provided false assurances that he had seen a doctor and was in excellent health.
AFS, a nonprofit formerly known as American Field Service, is one of the largest and oldest organizers of student exchanges. Since its founding as an ambulance corps during World War I, the agency has arranged exchanges for 325,000 American and foreign students from more than 50 countries.

The McCullums said AFS discourages parents from telephoning or e-mailing their kids abroad, believing the distraction would run counter to the program's goal of immersing them in local culture.

"They told us to have as little contact as possible, and we bought into it," Elizabeth McCullum said. She said she had confidence in AFS, regarding it as "the gold standard" of exchange programs, but now is aware that things can go terribly wrong.

The Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students, a nonprofit advocacy group, said the exchange programs are rampant with instances of abuse and neglect.

"This is not an isolated incident. I'm aghast but I'm not shocked," the committee's director, Danielle Grijalva of Oceanside, Calif., said after hearing McCullum's story.

The McCullums are considering a lawsuit. David McCullum expressed concern about the long-term physical and psychological effects on his son. "Someone needs to be held accountable, and I would like someone to say, 'I'm sorry."'

Johnnathan McCullum is recovering and recently went snowboarding with friends. He plans to return to school in the fall, rejoin the soccer team and eventually study to be a doctor.

Despite the ordeal, he has not soured on foreign travel: He wants to visit Zimbabwe this summer as part of a volunteer program to build homes and trails.

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Exchange student's host father charged
Substitute teacher accused of improper conduct
February 27, 2008
By Jacqueline Seibel, of the Journal Sentinel
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Family of MW teen who died in Japan files lawsuit
By Eric Serrano, Editor, Sun Patriot Newspapers
February 1, 2008

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People to People International
From Korea to Delano with Tiger spirit
January 28, 2008, By Jen Bakken, Delano Herald Journal
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News 2007

Lawmakers endorse study of foreign exchange student placement in Arkansas 

By Rob Moritz, Arkansas News Bureau,

Posted on 21 December 2007

LITTLE ROCK - The Legislative Council on Friday endorsed a proposal to study placement of foreign exchange students with host families in Arkansas.

Sen. Sue Madison, D-Fayetteville, said she proposed the study after receiving complaints that some foreign exchange students were being placed in homes with families ill-equipped to take care of them.

Madison also noted recent reports that the U.S. State Department was investigating complaints about where a Massachusetts company had placed some foreign exchange students arriving in Arkansas.

That investigation, involving the Education First Foundation for Foreign Study and its Fayetteville coordinators, involves allegations that exchange students stayed at the homes of the coordinators.

Federal regulations prohibit employees of a foreign exchange company from serving as both a host family and area supervisor for a student.

Madison’s proposal asks the Senate Interim Committee on Children and Youth to study the issue and report its findings to Legislative Council.

“Some parents came to me about problems they’ve seen in Northwest Arkansas,” Madison said Friday, also noting problems she heard of in Clarksville and Hot Springs.

In Clarksville, Madison said, a student from Korea was placed with a family living in low-income housing. The student would write home asking her parents for money to help feed her host family, she said.

“At that point, she asked to be moved to another family and representatives from the company set up a table outside a Wal-Mart to recruit her another family,” Madison said. “They found her another family and this time the male of the household was arrested on a drug charge.”

The State Department, which currently has oversight authority, does not have adequate staff to oversee the foreign exchange program, Madison said. California has enacted a law that gives its attorney general’s office some oversight authority, she said.

The California law requires any person or group that arranges the placement of foreign exchange students in California elementary, junior high or high schools to register with the attorney general’s office before making the placement.

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 News: State to Examine Foreign Exchange Student Program
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Foreign exchange programs to the US under the microscope
By Stefan M Hogan, December 12, 2007, The Slovak Spectator

Spectator staff 

THE CASE of Roland Gomory, a 17-year-old Slovak currently studying in Galveston, Texas, recently compelled The Slovak Spectator to investigate allegations that his safety and privacy were in jeopardy. 

The conclusion reached last week was that an employee of the  organization sponsoring Gomory's stay in the United States had violated internal policy and demonstrated a lapse of judgment, but that Gomory was never put at significant risk. 

Nonetheless, the case inspired the Spectator to conduct a general review of the program that brings foreign exchange students to the US and some of the organizations that sponsor them. 

A close call 

Gomory is sponsored by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), a non-profit organization based in Portland, Maine that has been organizing international study and foreign exchange programs since 1947. It currently supervises about 50,000 program 
participants each year. 

On December 3, The Slovak Spectator was informed by the Committee for the Safety of Foreign Exchange Students (CSFES), a California-based watchdog agency, that an advertisement about Gomory had been posted on the popular website on November 19 by a CIEE employee. 

The ad was entitled "Boy Who Loves Fashion Needs a Host Family" and did not include Gomory's name, describing him instead only as "a foreign exchange student from Slovakia who comes from a wealthy family, so he LOVES to go shopping for clothes." 

More troublingly, the advertisement included an offer to send Gomory's personal profile upon request, as well as a sentence that could easily be misinterpreted: "He is very compliant and will do anything you ask." 

To test CIEE's screening process, the CSFES promptly requested Gomory's profile from the e-mail address listed on the ad, writing only "When you get a moment, might you send me the student from Slovakia's profile". Within five minutes, it received a 25-page .pdf file containing a mountain of sensitive personal data, including Gomory's name, birth date, several pictures and copies of his visa to the United States. 

CIEE has since conducted its own investigation, which resulted in the dismissal of the employee responsible for the ad. 

"It was an error that will not be allowed to be repeated," Stevan Trooboff, CIEE's President and CEO, told The Slovak Spectator. 

Oversight through the J visa program 

Gomory, like thousands of foreigners each year, was in the United States as part of the Exchange Visitor Program. Established in 1961 by the provisions of the Mutual Education and Cultural Exchange Act, the program is comprised of 15 categories of exchange (one of which is for high school students) that qualify visitors for a J visa, allowing them to stay in the US for varying lengths of time. 
But before receiving a J visa, an applicant must be sponsored by one of the 1,500 entities designated by the US Department of State to conduct exchange programs. These entities include colleges/universities, government agencies, non-profit and private sector organizations. 

"To become a sponsor, the organizations must meet a number of specific regulatory requirements for designation as set forth in (federal law)," Catherine L. Stearns, Spokesperson for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the Department of State, told The Slovak Spectator. "In addition, they must have a minimum of one year experience in international exchange, and must demonstrate financial solvency necessary to administer a program." 

Students are matched with sponsors through an agent, often their school or a travel agency in their home country. 

Federal law requires that prior to arriving in the US, sponsors must provide students with the name of the school they will attend, the name and contact information of the family that will host them and information about the community in which they will live, Stearns said. 

As far as when and how the State Department investigates allegations of mistreatment or error, Stearns responded: "The Department investigates any concern brought to our attention.
Complaints can come from a variety of sources: a student, school, parent, host family, etc." 

And on the issue of using the internet to find host families, Stearns said: "The Department regulations do not specifically address how host families are to be identified. However, given recent concerns raised regarding the means by which sponsors are locating host families, the Department is reviewing this matter." 

CIEE and InterExchange CIEE limits the age of its participants to just over 18 - 15 to 18.5, to be exact - which makes screening host families especially important. 

"There is a complex procedure for screening including a home interview, criminal background checks and personal references checked by Local Staff," Trooboff from CIEE told the Spectator.
"Many of the families who host participants are personally known by our Local Coordinators who are charged with finding placements." 

If the exchange students need assistance during their stay in America, there is very much a safety net, Trooboff said. 

"Each local coordinator files a monthly report on each student; how they're doing, etc., which means they are in regular contact with the student," he said. "We also check in with schools and run a 24/7 help line that every student is reminded about in orientation and in all written materials." 

"Students who need help get help," he added. "We are proactive not just reactive." 

Peter Fillo, a 24-year-old computer science student who went to Los Angeles in 2005 as part of the Work and Travel Program, another category in the Exchange Visitor Program, had a similar impression of his sponsor InterExchange, a New York-based non-profit organization.

Because Fillo was older than 18.5, he was given the option of finding accommodation and employment himself. During his three months in the US, his sponsor never checked on his status, but did provide quick and effective assistance when he needed it. 

"They were very nice, helpful and polite," he told the Spectator. 
The role of parents 

Both CIEE and the State Department stress the need for parents to stay involved in their child's foreign exchange experience. 

"Students and parents should contact the host family to make an introduction," Stearns from the State Department said. "That's why they are provided with that information." 

Trooboff from CIEE said: "All parents worry about their children, and they should. However, by working with their agents in the home country, picking one that has a good partner in the US and keeping in touch their child and host family, they too can be part of the process and help assure their children's welfare. We certainly understand their 

For more information on CIEE, visit For InterExchange,
Student Exchange Agency:  

Exchange group gets probe after teens complain 

by Robert J. Smith, December 9, 2007, Arkansas Democrat Gazette

The U. S. State Department is investigating complaints about where a Massachusetts company places foreign-exchange students arriving in Northwest Arkansas.

The eight cases involve Education First Foundation for Foreign Study and its Fayetteville coordinators, Gerald D. and Sherry A. Drummond, said Stanley Colvin, director of the State Department’s office of exchange coordination and designation. Six of the eight cases involve students attending Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville Christian School or Mission Boulevard Baptist School. The others attended schools in Northwest Arkansas but now live in Camden or Kentucky, Colvin said.

The complaints center on the nonprofit firm’s failure to find appropriate homes for some students before they arrive, as well as on how and where the Drummonds place the students.

“This is sloppy work,” Colvin said of the foundation’s operation in Arkansas.

The State Department is investigating whether Cambridge, Mass.-based Education First, better known as EF Foundation, violated a federal regulation by allowing some students to live in the Drummond home without assigning another EF employee as a supervisor, Colvin said.
Federal regulations require foreign-exchange companies to “ensure that no organizational representative act as both host family and area supervisor for any exchange student participant.”

“If there was an emergency and she had to remove a child from a home and keep the student for a one-night kind of thing, that’s not a violation,” Colvin said.

It wasn’t clear last week whether EF Foundation had assigned a separate supervisor.

Sherry Drummond, 53, refused to answer questions about the allegations of students and host families.

“It hurts me too much, because I’ve put so much into this,” she said.

She deferred to EF Foundation spokesman Ellen Manz, who requested that questions be sent by e-mail. She didn’t respond to those queries.


The State Department investigation — expected to be complete in a few days — began after state Sen. Sue Madison, D-Fayetteville, received complaints from host families and foreign-exchange students about EF Foundation and the Drummonds. The students and their current host families in Northwest Arkansas told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette last week how foreign-exchange students lived in what they considered unclean, unsafe homes and how they felt disliked by Sherry Drummond when they stayed with her. They also complained that the Drummonds improperly served the dual role of host family and organization representative for several students, making it awkward for the students to voice their concerns.

Rikke Stoyva, a Fayetteville High School student from Norway, didn’t care for emphasis on religion by her host family, John and Jill Foster. The family attended nondenominational church services three times a week in West Fork.

Stoyva, who is Lutheran, lived with the Fosters for three months, then was moved to Camden, where she’s attending Camden Fairview High School. She is living with EF representative Leigh Horton, Horton said Friday.

Colvin said he’s also looking into complaints that foreign-exchange students sat at tables at the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market and in front of a Wal-Mart trying to convince shoppers to allow other students into their homes.

“It’s not appropriate, but it’s not a violation of the law,” Colvin said. “It may be an indication of underlying regulatory violations. Why were they down there doing that ?”

It’s been a difficult year for foreign students at Fayetteville High. In September, student Marije Stam of the Netherlands repeatedly came to school upset and crying, she said, until counselors helped her move from the Drummond home.

“I did not feel like a guest, or at least a family member,” said Stam, 17, who lived in the Drummond house for a month and is now staying with Russ and Mara Cole of Fayetteville.

“I do not know how to express my feelings at that moment, but in my country, I would say [Sherry Drummond ] made me feel like a dog,” she said.

Mara Cole, along with Madison, spent much of last week spurring the State Department to investigate EF Foundation, the Drummonds and how the company operates in Arkansas. They sent statements from students and host families to Beth Melofchik, a State Department educational- and cultural-exchange specialist, describing what they say EF and the Drummonds did and failed to do. “I think we have an extra-special obligation to bring these foreign-exchange students to our country and to take good care of them, and I don’t think that’s happening here,” Madison said.


Fayetteville High teachers and counselors said they’ve had frequent issues with the Drummonds and EF Foundation placements. They’ve complained to officials in the foundation’s headquarters about the Drummonds and believe the organization did nothing in response. “I only hear about the bad [situations ], and there are several each year that are miserable for the student, and the placement in the homes get changed and the students have to be moved,” said Anne Butt, the high school’s college adviser for nine years.

Butt said she took a German student into her home four years ago because EF Foundation put her into a Springdale home she disliked.

Lesli Zeagler, a Fayetteville High counselor, said there are few problems with the international students attending the school who are brought to the United States by Rotary International. Not true with EF Foundation, she said.

“With EF, I’ve experienced students who are scared, who seem to be malnourished, and they seem to be isolated,” Zeagler said. “The problems go back years, but we’ve never had a group of students who have been so vocal about it.”

Doug Wright, a Fayetteville High counselor, was the counselor at Elkins High School last year. Among the nine foreign-exchange students at that school, five came to the States with the help of EF Foundation.

One EF placement was an Asian girl put in a home where the host parents were going through a divorce. The woman moved out and the man was left behind with the student, Wright said. The school reported it to EF Foundation and the girl was moved to the wife’s home, said Becky Martin, Elkins High School principal.

That instance, however, isn’t part of the State Department investigation.

“There were some questionable placements in Elkins,” Wright said. “I can’t think of a non-EF kid who had a problem.”

Boglarka “Boszi” Palko, a national history champion in Hungary who’s attending Fayetteville High, found herself in an awkward situation when she arrived at the Springdale home of Bobby and Sue Hawkins on Aug. 4.

Palko, 18, said she was never happy in the small house, where she was asked to live with the Hawkinses and their 17-year-old daughter. Cousins and grandchildren also regularly spent the night.

Family members smoked inside the house. Palko said she had instructions to put toilet paper in the trash can rather than flush it. That plus cigarette smoke made the house smell bad, Palko said.
Palko said Hawkins family members described her as “overeducated” and as a “present” for their daughter. Bobby Hawkins, a close friend of the Drummonds, told Palko she’d need to understand “redneck English” to survive in the home, Palko said.

Palko said she also was accused of having a sexual relationship while she lived in the home. She denies the accusation.

Sue Hawkins invited a Democrat-Gazette reporter to see her Oak Street home last week then wouldn’t allow him inside. The tan-colored house was well-kept on the outside.

Palko lived eight days in the Hawkins home, then was moved to the 41-year-old, 2, 100-squarefoot Drummond home near Lake Sequoyah. In order to move, she had to sign an EF Foundation “behavioral agreement” that described the Hawkins home as “suitable” and that the problems she’d encountered were her fault.

“Sherry hated me,” Palko said. “When you speak with someone, you can feel it.”

She was moved five days later to the Fayetteville home of Dave and Brenda Servies. Sherry and Gerald Drummond visited the home to check it out, and family members passed a criminal-background check, which is required by the State Department. Palko said she’s been content in the Servies home. She’s visited local stores, loves Northwest Arkansas Mall and made her first trip last week to a Hobby Lobby crafts store. She’ll travel with the Servies as part of a Christmas trip to Florida. “I’m talking about what happened with the other people to protect the next kids from this,” Palko said. “It won’t be good for us to talk, but I can protect the next ones by letting people know.”


Among the most troubling issues in Arkansas are the stories of Gerald and Sherry Drummond serving as host family and EF Foundation representatives, said Danielle Grijalva, director of the Committee for the Safety of Foreign Exchange Students. The 2-year-old watchdog organization monitors foreign-exchange organizations.

Having a different EF Foundation representative serve as a supervisor doesn’t protect foreign-exchange students, she said.

“What neutrality does that provide the student when she has a concern about her host father or host mother ?” Grijalva said. “Is that not a recipe for disaster ? It’s a disgrace.”

Grijalva also expressed concerns about Stoyva, the Norwegian student placed in the Fosters’ home who’s now in Camden. The EF Foundation handbook says “we are not trying to change the student’s beliefs or convert anyone to a new faith.”

Efforts to reach Stoyva in Camden were unsuccessful. Horton, the EF representative in whose home Stoyva now lives, refused to let her come to the phone Friday, saying she’s a minor. School officials and state Sen. Gene Jeffress, D-Louann, refused to ask Stoyva to return messages.

“She’s doing wonderful now,” said Jeffress, a retired Fairview teacher who went to check on Stoyva last week. “She’s in a better situation now. She conveyed that to me.”

John Foster said his family didn’t try to change Stoyva’s beliefs and that the family knew of her Lutheran upbringing. He’d communicated with her by email before she came to the States about the family’s frequent visits to Unity Covenant Church in West Fork. The family attends church Sunday mornings, Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. Stoyva knew what to expect, Foster said. “I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion,” said Foster, 28, a Fayetteville police officer assigned to work at Fayetteville High. “We felt like we gave Rikke a good home. “ Church was the only place we saw her smile at all. If loving your child and trying your hardest is something bad, then we did something wrong. We tried as hard as we could to make it work.”

EF FOUNDATION Madison said she was told by an EF Foundation employee that the Drummonds are paid $300 to $400 for each foreignexchange student placed in a family’s home, including their own. The Drummonds received $12 per student, per month, for verifying the students are doing well and helping with difficulties they encounter, Madison said.

Grijalva said most foreign-exchange student companies pay $400 to $750 for each student who is placed in a home. Host families aren’t paid.

The payment is a small portion of the $5, 000 for six months or $10, 000 for a year that the students pay EF Foundation to come to the United States.

Around 30, 000 exchange students come to America annually, said Colvin of the State Department’s exchange coordination office, adding the State Department investigates about 200 complaints each year. About 20 percent involve students brought to the United States by EF Foundation, Colvin said.

As part of its investigation in Arkansas, Colvin said the State Department could reprimand the company and require it to write a corrective-action plan to ensure it doesn’t violate federal regulations.

A more severe penalty could involve shutting down the corporation or limiting how many students it can bring to the United States.

Colvin sent a letter Thursday to the EF Foundation describing five media accounts and complaints last week regarding the organization. “This is not a pretty picture,” he concluded in the letter.
John Hishmeh, director of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel, is familiar with the complaints coming from Northwest Arkansas. The nonprofit council monitors and distributes information about exchange programs.

“Things go wrong, and you have to figure out if it’s a catastrophic failure or a single thing that went

wrong,” Hishmeh said.

Connie Williams, a counselor at Springdale High School for 35 years, said it’s wrong to “pinpoint” EF Foundation as problematic because she’s had difficulty with other companies, too. Eight foreign-exchange students are attending the school this year, she said.

“I’ve never particularly had trouble with EF, but I’ve had trouble with another agency,” Williams said.
Brad and Sarah Campbell, who are hosting a German student in their Fayetteville home, fear problems with foreign-exchange companies in Northwest Arkansas could have long-term consequences.

“These are high-achieving kids who were selected to come here,” Brad Campbell said. “They are diplomats. They want to know what it’s like in America, and they invest a year of their life to be here.

We owe them a good experience. Their opinions of the U. S. are being formed.

“ We’re not saying you have to be millionaires to have these kids, but you do have to have a solid foundation. A lot of the households aren’t solid. They are disruptive and filled with turmoil.” 


Education First Foundation for Foreign Study, founded in 1979, is the country’s largest foreign-exchange company.

More than 100 companies bring students to the United States, said John Hishmeh, director of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel. The council has certified about 70, including EF Foundation.

About 30, 000 foreign-exchange students travel to the United States each year and few report problems, Hishmeh said.

EF Foundation brought 3, 712 students from more than 40 countries in the year ending Sept. 30, 2006, according to the foundation’s most recent federal tax filings.

The foundation’s income tax exemption submitted to the Internal Revenue Service last February reported its 2006 revenue was $10, 047, 865.

The company’s Web site is at www. effoundation. org.


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Student Exchange Agency:  EF Foundation
Foreign exchange program controversy
Saturday, December 01, 2007 | 12:07 PM
An Eyewitness News Exclusive
The Eyewitness News Investigators 
NEW YORK -- -- The U.S. State Department is investigating whether a major non-profit foreign exchange agency violated regulations by not having proper homes in place for visiting students.  

Local families who thought they'd have kids for a few weeks say they got stuck with students who had nowhere to go. 
The Investigators Sarah Wallace has more on this exclusive story. 
State Department regulations are clear -- before a foreign exchange student comes to in the United States the sponsoring agency is supposed to have secured a home placement and a school placement for the year. 
Well now there are allegations that an agency called ASSE International has blatantly violated those regulations. ASSE denies it. 
"I just think it's wrong. It's wrong all around " said Michele Renaud. 
Michele Renaud thought it would be a great experience for her son TJ to have foreign visitors. So this summer, she welcomed Hee-Sung from Korea, to stay while he attended an English language camp in Putnam County. She also took in Lenny from France -- both students would then go to a different, permanent home for the school year. 
Sarah Wallace: "Your understanding was you'd have them for how long?" Michele: "Four weeks." 
The sponsoring agency, ASSE International, is headquartered in California, with area representatives in several states, including New York. 
"They did not have placement for either one of my boys ... And could I keep them for a few more days. ... And it was going on the third month," Michele said. 
Ira Drescher and his family, who also live in Putnam County, took in three exchange students -- two from Japan, and one from France. 
"We found out none of them had placement. I mean we were told they all had placement and they'd be here for a month," Ira said. 
The Dreschers say they scrambled to get the students enrolled in the local school because ASSE had done nothing. Federal regulations require that a school placement is secured before students arrive. 
Michele Renaud echoes the Dreschers. 
"We went to the school. They were not even registered. The school didn't even have their names," she said. 
"Those students, before they departed their home country, were supposed to be promised a properly screened and secured host family, as well as a high school," Danelle Grijalva said. 
Danelle Grijalva says her Internet based watchdog group has received complaints about ASSE from families in nine different states. 
Independently, we received several e-mails and phone calls. One area representative writes: "This has been a bait and switch program from the beginning." 
"To get them here and have them fend for themselves and just hope that the temporary families fall in love with them is a recipe for disaster," Danelle said. 
In Buffalo, New York we heard a disturbing case of a young girl from Thailand happily living in a temporary house, then placed by ASSE with a family living in a mobile home on the side of the road in the Adirondacks. 
"She was distraught. She was crying," Barbara said. 
Barbara Costuros says she drove four hours each way to bring 18-year-old Sufrete back to Buffalo. 
"It was dirty ... I see mice ... yes I was scared" Sufrete said. 
Sufrete says she was told by ASSE she'd be sent back to Thailand if she didn't stay in the Adirondacks.
But her parents, who paid more than $10,000 to the agency, had had enough. 
She flew home. 
ASSE declined to be interviewed but released this statement: "ASSE is has always been committed to full compliance with all U.S. Department of State regulatory requirements governing its programs." 
When we visited the Dreschers several weeks ago, they decided to keep their French student for the year.  But with two children of their own, the family just could not keep the other students. 
"They start school, they get upset. It's very disturbing to them. ... All of them is too much," Ira said. 
Michele Renaud still had one of her foreign students waiting for a permanent placement,as well. 
"It just feels that we were lied to ... blatantly lied to," Michele said. 
The students from Putnam County have all now been placed in permanent homes, although a couple of them say they found families on their own without ASSE's help.  The Agency claims as of a few weeks ago, all its students had been placed.

Student Exchange Agency:
  ASSE International
Pune girl is back home after abuse by US family
Mumbai News -- Mumbai Mirror Online  Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Pune:  Little did the 16-year-old Nikita Dhavle know when she left Pune for the US with dreams that she would return home within three months with a fractured hand and a scarred mind. 
Nakita, a bright student of a city school, selected under a cultural exchange programme of American Field Service (AFS), landed in the state of Minnesota in the first week of August unaware of the hostility that awaited her in the form of the host famiy in Pipestone.  "I was asked to do cleaning of kitchen, dining room, wash clothes of the entire family, clean utensils, mow the lawn.  I also cleaned up the barn where horses were kept," the girl, who returned to India after a stotuous stay on October 26, said. 
Nikita had joined the Raff family in Piepstone after the AFS screening of the host.  Two weeks later, she was shocked when the host's teenaged Ryan, on probation for drunken driving, returned home.  "I had not been told about this boy.  He abused me." 
Nikita, who joined the Pipestone Central School to utilise her 11-month stay under the programme, said:  "I saw the boy and the mom argue and wrestle and each other on the floor." 
A fall in the horse barn fractured her left hand.  The Raffs took her to hospital to plaster it but did not care to keep the follow-up dates with the doctor, Nikita recounted.  She spoke to her parents in Pune and sent an e-mail to AFS functionaries in Delhi urging them to bring her back.

Student Exchange Agency:  
American Field Service (AFS)
Montgomery Lawyer Given 18 Years for Child Sex Abuse 
September 28, 2007 - Rockville, Md.  ABC 7 News -
(link to follow)
Student Exchange Agency:  
AYUSA International
For complete story released by Washington Post on November 27, 2006:
Sex Allegations Swirled Around Md. Man Before
by Ernesto Londono, Washington Post Staff Writer
Student Exchange Agency:  
AYUSA International
July 20, 2007
Host Families Needed Quickly
Camp to be Held Locally
By Scott Price, Contributing Writer
Eighteen foreign exchange students are scrambling to find area host 
families after their cultural camp plans changed.
The camp, which was to be in Waxahachie, has been rescheduled for 
July 26 to Aug. 25 in Roanoke.  All of the students need nearby 
families for the cultural enrichment camp, which is designed to 
help the students learn American culture and to brush up on their 
The camp is sponsored by ASSE International Student Exchange 
Programs, which started by the Swedish government in 1976 as the 
American-Scandinavian Student Exchange by the Swedish government 
but has expanded to 31 participating countries.
Pam Bilton, an ASSE area coordinator, said the students looking for 
local host families include six students from France, three from 
Japan, three from Taiwan, two from China, two from Germany and two 
from Mexico.
Bilton said a total of 39 students, most of whom have host families, 
will participate in the Roanoke camp.  All are proficient in 
"They are all coming for the academic school year, but not all of 
them are staying in Texas," she said.  "They come a month early to 
go to the camp to practice their English and learn the culture."
The students will study in class four days a week and on the fifth 
day will go on an excursion to a nearby city. 
The students also plan to volunteer one day at the Roanoke Senior 
Center, Bilton said.
Bilton, of Roanoke, said that she hopes host families can be found 
nearby in the Northwest school district and in Southlake, Grapevine, 
Colleyville and Flower Mound.  She said the experience is not only 
helpful to the students but is a good way for families to have a 
brief experience with the foreign student exchange program.
In addition to the students who are scheduled to attend the camp in 
Roanoke, ASSE is still looking for area host families for the 
2007-2008 academic year.
Without host families, the students will not be able to participate 
in the exchange program this year.
"It is their dreams that will be shattered, if they can't come," 
Bilton said.
Bilton said the Lewisville School District has nine slots available 
for foreign exchange students, Northwest High School has five slots, 
Argyle High School has one, and Carroll Senior High School also has 
one available.
This is Bilton's second year as a coordinator, and she is also 
hosting two students in her home.  She said she has been knocking 
on doors to spread the word about the need for host families.
"Just please help," Bilton said.  "This is an emergency situation."
Bilton said the most pressing issue is to find host families during 
the camp in Roakoke.  The students will arrive in a week.
For information about hosting a student this summer or for the 
entire school year, contact Bilton at 817-430-4795.
To find out more about ASSE International Student Exchange Programs, 
go to
Contact our newsroom:
Flower Mound Newsroom:  972-724-3280
Flower Mound Messenger Argyle Messenger

Student Exchange Agency:  
AYUSA International

Sun June 10, 2007,  The Oklahoman

Bayard Rustin Living Learning Center tales differ

By Randy Ellis

Staff Writer

Unexpected surprises

Lorenz and fellow foreign exchange students Daniel Balser, 17, of Germany and Petr Dolecek, 17, of the Czech Republic told The Oklahoman that Bayard Rustin provided them and three other exchange students with one bizarre surprise after another.

While Lorenz was dealing with cockroaches Balser and Dolecek were placed in Storrs' home. Balser said he came to Oklahoma City with the understanding he would be living with former Bayard Rustin Principal Sean Lee.  But after arriving, he learned Storrs would be his host.

Balser said Storrs told him he was gay, but not being familiar with all the nuances of the language, he thought Storrs might be saying that he was a "happy person.”

Balser said he realized Storrs was a homosexual after meeting his gay roommate.

"They didn't do anything to us. Just the feeling wasn't so cool,” he said.

Dolecek said he understood before he came to Oklahoma City that Storrs was homosexual, but it wasn't a big deal to him.

The students said they had never heard of Bayard Rustin when the exchange program notified them that they would have an opportunity to attend school there.

They said they looked up the school on the Internet, but about all they discovered was that Bayard Rustin was a private school that embraced students from diverse social and racial backgrounds and received part of its funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Gates Foundation tie seemed promising.

"I thought it was a prestigious school,” Dolecek said, adding he also thought it might be high tech.

He was wrong.

An IBM employee who worked on the computers said some of them were so old they wouldn't load 10-year-old software. Storrs said he bought the computers cheap as surplus property.

School moves

As for the school, students said they were surprised to discover it was located in a warehouse on E Reno Avenue. They were even more surprised when officials packed up and moved the school a few weeks into the fall semester. The new location at 726 Colbertson Drive is in a strip shopping center southeast of the state Capitol.

Jimmy Nix, the warehouse owner, said he was trying to evict Storrs when school officials moved. 

"They were in there probably two or three months,” Nix said.

Nix said he received two bad checks from Storrs, along with a lot of excuses.

Other suppliers reported similar experiences.

And it wasn't just the suppliers who weren't being paid.

Former teachers told The Oklahoman they weren't, either, which prompted many of them to quit mid-semester.

"Most of the time, we were just sitting there doing nothing,” Balser said.

The students said they would have one morning class, then do whatever. Fights frequently broke out between students, they said.

The state Education Department never stepped in because it doesn't have oversight of private schools that don't seek accreditation, said department spokeswoman Shelly Hickman.

Dolecek said he thought it was strange the school didn't have money to pay teachers because it bought thousands of dollars in football equipment for a joint team with some charter schools.

The school still owes several thousand dollars on the equipment, an employee of the business that sold the equipment said.

Money problems

Storrs said Bayard Rustin is a private school that doesn't charge tuition. He admits money was a constant problem.

The school's two primary sources of funding were a $150,000 model schools grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and federal money the school collected for doing after-school tutoring of Oklahoma City students, Storrs said.

Student Exchange Agency:
 ASSE International
Exchange-student problems bring shake-up
by Randy Ellis, The Oklahoman, June 10, 2007
Student Exchange Agency:  
ASSE International
Bayard Rustin Living Learning Center tales differ
by Randy Ellis, The Oklahoman, June 10, 2007
Three high school foreign exchange students had high expectations last summer after they learned they had been accepted into a private Oklahoma City school funded in part with a grant from Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates' foundation.
Nobody said anything about fights in classrooms. Nobody said anything about living with convicted felons. Nobody said anything about cockroaches. 
Those were things they had to learn from experience.
Student Exchange Agency:  
ASSE International
EF student's death in another country shifts focus on Malta
By Kurt Farrugia, 10 August 2007
The Malta Tourism Authority chairman Sam Mifsud said that the damaging reports in the Swedish press were aimed at the international language school EF because one of its students died while on a language trip in another country.
"The Swedish press is focusing on the destinations where this company operates, which also includes Malta and showing people the way EF handles their students overseas.  Although this is bad publicity for us [Malta] this was really aimed at EF," Mr Mifsud said.
On Wednesday reported the damaging articles in the Swedish media on the way language students are treated in Malta.  The reports said students in Malta have "sex on the beach, unlimited access to alcohol, drugs and nightlife."
Sam Mifsud told that MTA is in the process of setting up a think thank made up of two persons from various associations to come up with a plan for next year to try to control the students.
This proposal is not the first of its kind.  When similar reports surfaced in Scandavian press in summer 2005 and 2006, the tourism Ministry and the MTA had promised to set up a network made up of people from the tourism industry, MTA, language schools and police. is informed that this network was never set up and thus in 2007, the situation has not improved over previous years. 
Malta's tourism figures in recent years have been very dependent on the language student's sector.  But tourism operates and businesses dependent on tourism are not too keen on language students because of their low purchasing power coupled with their behaviour tends to shoo away the more "wealthy" tourists.
Despite this, the sector is still very important if regulated appropriately.  To date, government has not taken concrete action which is damaging the language student business and also tourism in Malta in general, sources in the tourism industry said. 
The reports in the Swedish press were damaging to the extent that several readers' letters appeared in newspapers.  One parent wrote about the easy access her minor child had to alcohol and suggested to other parents not to send their children on such language trips. 
Other letters complained about irresponsible group leaders and said most of them were drunk.  Some though deemed "some" leaders as responsible.  The MTA chairman told that the MTA was informed of the reports in the Swedish press. 
Mr Mifsud said: "A Swedish student of EF language school was killed in another country and they are focusing on the destinations where this company operates, including Malta.  They are showing people the way EF handles their students overseas." 
Asked to comment on the reports in the Swedish press, Tourism Minister Francis Zammit Dimech had nothing to add to what the MTA said.  Dr Zammit Dimech only said that the MTA is in the process of setting up a group made up of two representatives from each of the relevant associations in order to come up with a precise and concrete action plan in respect of next year. 
The Minister did not comment on his government's failed promises of setting up a similar committee in previous years.
Convicted Felons Allowed to Host Teenagers

Regulations Falling Short of Protecting Visiting Teens
The Seoul Times, April 14, 2007
The federal regulations were released on May 4, 2006, requiring for the first 
time in five decades student exchange agencies to secure background checks for 
all host families who decide to host an exchange student. The regulations also 
require student exchange agencies to report all allegations of sexual 
misconduct against a visiting youth to law enforcement and the U.S. Department 
of State. "If they don't do it and we find out about it, we will close their 
program down, period," said Stanley Colvin, acting director of the Federal 
Office of Exchange Coordination and Designation, in a September 5, 2005 story 
in The Press-Enterprise, "New Rules: Federal Officials Draft Regulations to 
Address Sexual Abuse of Visiting Foreign Youth" by Michael Fisher.
On September 6, 2006, The Reporter released, "DA Declines Suing Host in 
Exchange Saga" by Julie Kay. "The 30-year-old Vacaville woman investigated on 
suspicion of stealing money from and behaving inappropriately with an exchange 
student she hosted last fall will not be charged with any crime, according to 
the Solano County District Attorney's Office." Despite federal law, President 
Libby Cryer, of the student's exchange agency, Program of Academic Exchange 
(PAX), did not report this to the U.S. Department of State as required by 
federal law. The September 6, 2006 story in The Reporter continues, "Cryer 
admitted this week she knew about the e-mails to the young man from the first 
host mother, but defended her decision not to report them to the State 
Department, despite federal law which requires the reporting of questionable 
behavior on the part of host family members."
Has Mr. Colvin shut down this agency as he so sternly stated to The 
Press-Enterprise for not reporting to the State Department? No. Many wonder 
why Mr. Colvin is not keeping his word and instead decides to look the other 
way. Danielle Grijalva, Director of the Committee for Safety of Foreign 
Exchange Students (CSFES) stated, "Unless and until these student exchange 
groups respect and adhere to the federal regulations, these sloppy practices 
of placing students with just anyone and anywhere will continue. It is beyond 
irresponsible. This happens because these agencies clearly accept more students 
than there are host families available." 

In August, 2006, a student from the Czech Republic was placed in the home of a 
five-time felon in New Mexico. The student resided in the home for five months 
before his student exchange agency, Educational Resource Development Trust 
(ERDT/SHARE!) removed him from the home. On March 19, 2007, CSFES filed a 
complaint with the U.S. Department of State, asking how this man "was able to 
host in the first place given the fact that background checks are mandatory?" 
To date, the U.S. Department of State has yet to respond.
A recent study by Meaghan Kelleher of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) illustrates that name-based checks are not adequate and recommends fingerprint-based checks. The CSFES wants fingerprint-based checks because of NCMEC's study; it is the best screening method available.
Lubbock Pastor Faces More Charges, News Channel 11, 
April 12, 2007
The Lubbock pastor accused of bringing a foreign exchange student to the United States in return for sexual services is facing more charges.
A federal grand jury indicted James Clark on the charge of importation of alien for immoral purposes.  Clark is accused of bringing a girl from Kenya to the US and paying for her living expenses and tuition in exchange for sex.
Clark is also facing charges of compelling prostitution, money laundering and fraud.

A five-time felon who spent a total of 11 years in prison for various felonies to include embezzlement, grand theft and theft was allowed to host a foreign exchange student from Prague
Las Cruces Sun-News, March 17, 2007  
Convicted felon fired from non-profit 
Jenn Kistler Sun-News reporter

(link to follow)
Student Exchange Organization:  
(Educational Resource Development Trust)
The Shreveport Times, February 14, 2007
Student coordinator faces child porn charge

A Shreveport man who has helped bring exchange students to local high schools was jailed

Wednesday on a child pornography charge.

Steven Douglas Divine, 50, of the 9400 block of West Montego Lane, faces one count of possession of child porn, according to Caddo Correctional Center booking records.

Judge John Mosley set his bond at $125,141.50, according to Caddo sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Chadwick. Divine turned himself in Wednesday after a warrant was issued for his arrest.
Divine was the subject of a 2½-month investigation by sheriff's Detective Robert Greer, Chadwick said. In December, deputies searched Divine's Summer Grove neighborhood home and seized eight computers.

The Caddo district attorney's office conducted forensic analysis on Divine's equipment and found child pornography on computer hard drives and disks, Chadwick said.

Divine has worked with foreign exchange programs Nacel Open Door, based in St. Paul, Minn., and the Center for Cultural Interchange, in Chicago.  A phone call from The Times to both organizations Wednesday night was not returned.

The sheriff's office said Divine also has been a private investigator.

CSFES Note:  Any student participants who have any information or have been victimized are encouraged to call Detective Robert Greer:  318-681-0611.  Students can also contact the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students:  toll free 866-471-9203.  

The News On 6 Video - Sunday, February 04, 2007 

Foreign Exchange Student Recovering From Gunshot Wound 

Student Exchange Agency:  
EF Foundation for Foreign Study
Para elegir unos padres temporales   Familia by Juan Fernando Merino/edip
February 03, 2007

May 2, 2023

Town of Richmond man arrested for sexual assault of minor

by Tom Lindfors, Star-Observer

Student Exchange Agency:  CETUSA

April 2, 2023

​​A Spanish Minor, Caught in the Jaws of a "Rabbi" Arrested in the US for Sexual Abuse

EL MUNDO Spain - By Ana Maria Ortiz

Student Exchange Agency:  Educational Resource Development Trust, d/b/a SHARE ("ERDT") (based in USA) and Estudiar en USA (based in Spain).

English translation to follow.  Contact CSFES if you would like a copy of the English translation sooner.  Simply go to our Contact Us page and let us know you would like the English translation.  The English translation was sent to the US Department of State and CSIET on April 12, 2023

February 15, 2023  

Adoptive father of 9 charged after teen calls podcast alleging yearslong sex abuse

abc 13 Eyewitness News  Mycah Hatfield and Jessica Willey

Student Exchange Agency: Educational Resource Development Trust, d/b/a SHARE ("ERDT") (based in USA) and Estudiar en USA (based in Spain).

December 21, 2022

In Adams County, Colorado:

Strasburg teacher arrested after allegedly sexually abusing exchange student

Denver 7, Stephanie Butzer

Student Exchange Agency:  To follow

​​December 20, 2022

Teacher accused of sexually assaulting exchange student

9 News by Janet Oravetz

Student Exchange Agency: To follow

December 20, 2022

​In Clayton, Missouri:

High school teacher accused of sexual exploitation of exchange student

by Kevin S. Held, Fox2news

Student Exchange Agency:  To follow

November 5, 2022

Italian parents sue New York boarding school where son died by suicide

The lawsuit alleges 17-year-old Claudio Mandia died in "solitary confinement" while waiting for his parents to arrive from Italy following his expulsion for cheating.

Student Exchange Agency:  EF Academy

​August 31, 2022

Case of man accused of spying on foreign exchange student now headed to grand jury

August 1, 2022

Former VA Beach Teacher Dealt Max Sentence For Sexually Assaulting Student

By:  AJ Goldbloom, Alexandria Daily Voice

In the above news link you will read, "A former Ocean Lakes high school teacher was sentenced to five years in prison on Monday, August 1, after he sexually assaulted an exchange student, officials said."  Notice there is no mention of the name of the student placement agency responsible for this placement.  

April 28, 2022

Kileen man allegedly molested 15-year-old foreign exchange student multiple times

By Madeline Oden KDH News

August 20, 2021

Host who recorded exchange student in bathroom gets 15 years

Concord Monitor

​August 19, 2021

​Bedford Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Attempted Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

​The United States Attorney's Office, District of New Hampshire, United States Department of Justice

​August 16, 2021

Former judge pleads guilty to sexual assault of Asheville teenage boy, sentenced to prison

By Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, Asheville Citizen Times

​You will read in this story that this judge has, "hosted foreign exchange students for nearly 30 years,".  

If you were hosted by Daniel Ray Green you are encouraged to contact the Asheville Police Department 828-252-1110.  There is strength in numbers so we thank you for your bravery.  You may also contact the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Student directly at  

​August 13, 2021

Council Bluffs man, a foreign exchange student program coordinator, sentenced to decades in prison

By:  Isabella Rosario, Des Moines Register

Student Exchange Agency: EF High School Exchange Year

​April 14, 2021

Foreign exchange student suffered sexual abuse from host parent, suit alleges

By Marian Johns, Southeast Texas Record

Student Exchange Agency:  Educational Resource Development Trust, d/b/a SHARE ("ERDT") (based in USA) and Estudiar en USA (based in Spain).

March 4, 2021

Parole Board orders detention review for former Vernon man convicted in death of Natsumi Kogawa

By Jon Manchester

February 26, 2021

 A 'playground for predators': Iowa sex abuse case shows holes in protections for exchange students

Philip Joens Des, Moines Register

Student Exchange Agency:  EF Education First

February 22, 2021

Canton man sentenced for attempted overseas transport of child pornography

February 13, 2021

Bluffs man convicted of coercion, enticement of foreign exchange students

Student Exchange Agency: EF Intercultural Foundation Inc.

February 11, 2021

Youngsville Police: LPSS employee accused of having sex with exchange student

Student Exchange AgencyPan Atlantic Foundation

July 31, 2020

HuffPost:  Au Pairs Come to the U.S. Seeking Cultural Exchange, but the State Department Often Fails to Protect Them

by Government Accountability Project

July 24, 2020

New sex abuse investigation for Bedford man accused of secretly filming exchange student

by Damien Fisher

​​​​​​​​​March 4, 2020

Council Bluffs foreign exchange coordinator charged with using minors to make child porn

by Philip Joens, Des Moines Register

Student Exchange AgencyEF Intercultural Foundation Inc.

March 20, 2020 CSFES NoteCSFES believes there may have been more victims.  If you were hosted or supervised by Thomas Boatright, we would like to hear from you.  Please contact CSFES directly at  Your voice matters.  

March 3, 2020

Omaha foreign exchange coordinator charged with sexual exploitation of 3 children

By Brian Mastre

Student Exchange Agency:  EF High School Exchange Year

January 24, 2020

Man sentenced to jail for secretly recording foreign exchange students at home

December 18, 2019

Marine wife arrested on suspicion of having sex with teen exchange student

By Kristina Davis, The San Diego Union Tribune

​Student Exchange Agency:  To follow

October 3, 2019

Host Parent For Foreign Exchange Students Sentenced For Child Sexual Exploitation Violations

An American Nightmare:

Norwegian Exchange Students to the United States Risks Being Placed in Host Families Who Can Barely Take Care of Themselves
By Elisabeth Randsborg, Aftenposten

Student Exchange Agencies:  
EF High School Year and Council for Educational Travel, USA  

May 19, 2018

Evidence of alleged sexual conduct found in texts

By Jeremy Jones,

May 15, 2018

Santa Clara City Councilman resigns amid sexual harassment allegations

By Chris Nguyen, abc7news

May 3, 2018

Parents of Glenbard South foreign exchange student file wrongful death lawsuit

By Justin Kmitch, Daily Herald

Student Exchange Agency Council for Educational Travel United States of America (CETUSA)

March 15, 2018

'Dorm mother' accused of sexually assaulting exchange student pleads not guilty

By HNN Staff (HawaiiNewsNow)

Student Exchange Agency:  Hapana International, Inc.

March 8, 2018

Police:  Woman who recruited exchange students to Hawaii raped one while he was bedridden

By Lynn Kawano, Anchor/Reporter HNN Staff (HawaiiNewsNow)

Student Exchange Agency:  Hapana International, Inc.

February 22, 2018

Judicial candidate Eldridge was accused of having sex with student, 16

By Tony Plohetski and Ryan Autullo - American - Statesman Staff, KVUE News

February 20, 2018

Second girl accuses former Wausau East employee of sex assault

By Haley BeMiller, USA TODAY NETWORK - Wisconsin

February 19, 2018

Married Uber driver who roped 16-year-old Japanese exchange student in his car minutes after she arrived in England is jailed for a year


February 2, 2018

Retired doctor gets five days in jail for sex with exchange student

by Andrew Binion, Kitsap Sun  Part of the USA Today Network

Student Exchange Agency:  Rotary International

January 30, 2018

Sexual assault of exchange student results in 183-year prison sentence

by Cathy Locke, The Sacramento Bee

January 27, 2018

Foreign Exchange Student from China Labeled As Troublemaker

Will Exchange Student from China Return Home in Shame?

​Written by Danielle Grijalva, Director of Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students

Kansas City, MO - InfoZine

October 31, 2017

Bremerton doctor charged with sex with minor

By Richard Walker and Nick Twietmeyer, Kitsap Daily News

Student Exchange Agency:  Rotary International

August 29. 2017

Ex-Miami exchange student charged in sexual-abuse case gets house arrest

by David Ovalle - Miami Herald

Student Exchange Agency:  CCI Greenheart (formerly known as Center for Cultural Interchange) currently known as Greenheart Exchange

August 28, 2017

Lawmaker calls for tougher screening of foreign exchange hosts

by Kyra Gurney - Miami Herald

Student Exchange Agency:  CCI Greenheart (formerly known as Center for Cultural Interchange) currently known as Greenheart Exchange

August 26, 2017

Exchange of students: when the foreign year becomes a nightmare Controversy

by BR Television Germany

Student Exchange Agency:  EF Education First

August 25, 2017

Video:  School District Stands By No Foreign Exchange Students Policy, For Now

by Salena Schaffer WCBI-TV

Note from CSFES:  Until the exchange industry implements criminal background checks, school districts should enact policies as Choctaw County Superintendent has implemented.

August 17, 2017

Kristian looked at light-handed women when he was on exchange:  It was the beginning of three years of nightmares

by Niels Pedersen - BT Denmark

Student Exchange Agencies:  ASPECT Foundation in the U.S. and Language Education in Denmark.

August 1, 2017

Complaint to be filed on handling of allegations that host had sex with foreign exchange student      By Jeff Levkulich, WFTV 9 ABC

July 29, 2017

Verloren in Amerika

By Christian Gechwendtner, Suddeutsche Zeitung,

Student Exchange Agency:  International Student Exchange (ISE)

July 28, 2017

Real America is the purest nightmare - Student exchange in the USA 

By Christian Gechwendtner, Suddeutsche Zeitung,

Student Exchange Agency:  International Student Exchange (ISE)

​July 25, 2017

Alamonte Springs man accused of having sex with foreign exchange student 

by Jeff Levkulich, WFTV 9 ABC

July 17, 2017

El viaje de estudios de una española a Miami que acabó en un siniestro caso de abusos sexuales a su hermana

by Manuel Trillo, ABC Sociedad

Student Exchange Agency:  CCI Greenheart currently known as Greenheart Exchange

July 17, 2017

Alertan de fallos al revisar los antecedentes penales de familias que acogen a escolares extranjeros en EE.UU.

by Manuel Trillo, ABC Sociedad

Student Exchange Agency:  CCI Greenheart currently known as Greenheart Exchange

July 12, 2017

Amid sex abuse probe, Miami schools call for tougher screening of foreign exchange programs

By Kyra Gurney and David Ovalle  Miami Herald

Student Exchange Agency:  CCI Greenheart currently known as Greenheart Exchange

​​​July 10, 2017

11 Exchange Student Records Found at Home Before Sex Crime Suspect Committed Suicide

by Willard Shepard, NBC 6

Student Exchange Agency: CCI Greenheart currently known as Greenheart Exchange

Note from CSFES:

We encourage former exchange students hosted or supervised by Leary to please contact Detective Alvaro Zabaleta of the Miami-Dade Police Department.  He may be reached at or by calling 305-471-1900.  Students are encouraged to also contact the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students

July 7, 2017

Exclusive:  Placement Agency Not Cooperating In Exchange Student Sex Case

by Gary Nelson, CBS4 News

Student Exchange Agency:  CCI Greenheart currently known as Greenheart Exchange

July 7, 2017

Sex with young students, shocking suicide cast scrutiny on foreign-exchange programs

by David Ovalle and Kyra Gurny, Miami Herald

Student exchange agency responsible for placement of exchange student: CCI Greenheart currently known as Greenheart Exchange

June 28, 2017

Judge to allow man accused in drug death of exchange student to move back with family

by Clifford Ward, Chicago Tribune

May 25, 2017

B.P. School Dist. Teacher Charged With Criminal Sexual Misconduct

by Belle Plaine Herald

Student Exchange Agency:  NACEL Open Door

May 18, 2017

Charges:  Belle Plaine teacher gives 15-year-old exchange student alcohol and bikini wax

Fox 9

Student Exchange Agency:  NACEL Open Door

CSFES Note:  The alleged victim is from Spain.  The other student living in the home was also a NACEL Open Door participant.  

Copy of criminal complaint 70-CR-17-8728 available by contacting CSFES

May 12, 2017

New details emerge in Bruce McAllister sexual battery case

by Josh Rojas, Bay News 9

May 11, 2017

Cops:  Husband of Christian school principal used foreign exchange program to lure, molest minors in Brooksville

WFLA Web Staff

January 5, 2017

​Foreign Exchange Student Host Arrested for Raping Girl 13 Times

By Amanda Fama   Elite Daily

January 3, 2017

Orlando man accused of sexual battery against Vietnamese exchange student


January 4, 2017

Host dad, 28, charged with 'sexually abusing two Vietnamese exchange students' staying in his home


November 2, 2016

Ex-O.C. teacher investigated in 1980s allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior with students

by T. Saavedra The Orange County Register

November 30, 2016 Note from CSFES:  It has been reported that Mr. Charles T. Ritz has allegedly hosted foreign exchange students from many countries to include Austria, Germany and Finland.  CSFES would like to encourage you to please contact the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students in the event you were hosted or supervised by this man or his wife Candace Adams.   Contact: Ms. Danielle Grijalva at

You are also encouraged to contact Detective Forgash of the La Habra Police Department:   Detective Jason Forgash may also be reached at 562-383-432

October 31, 2016

Downers Grove man pleads not guilty in drug death of exchange student

By Clifford Ward - Chicago Tribune

October 26, 2016

Man charged in DuPage with drug death of 15-year-old exchange student from Spain

by Clifford Ward - Chicago Tribune

October 18, 2016

Clinton emails released by WikiLeaks reveal unlikely exchange over workers at Alaska fish processing incident

by Michelle Theriault Boots -

Student exchange agency:  Council for Educational Travel USA (CETUSA)

October 10, 2016

Houston Area Schools Seeking a spike in Inappropriate Student Teacher Relationships

by Bryan Kirk (Patch Staff)

August 26, 2016

Bay Area charter schools accused of failing to report abuse

by:  The Associated Press

August 20, 2016

Ex-Cy-Fair ISD teacher accused of sex with live-in exchange student

by Lea Wilson - Digital News Editor  KPRC

February 29, 2016

Foreign exchange host accused of sodomy

By:  Sam Clancy, KSDK

Note from CSFES:

Former exchange students hosted or supervised by David Dwight Lindley that would like to contact Detective S. Kaiser of the St. Charles Police Department may do so by emailing her at  

You may also contact Danielle Grijalva of the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students:  You have not done anything wrong.

January 26, 2016

Akron Man Sentenced for Sexual Assault of Foreign Exchange Student

By Adam Ferrise